Adobe Tools
Adobe Tools for Graphic Design
Winter edition: November 2017; Spring edition: May 2018

The course is aimed at all those with an interest or need to learn the knowledge of Adobe tools for the presentation of the project.
The course follows an approach highly tied to the professional sphere; lectures will be interspersed with practical exercises on the main Adobe graphics software: Photoshop (images management), Illustrator (Vector Graphics management) and InDesign (editorial presentation management).
The course aims to provide students with the tools to manage all the phases of project presentation through the use of the three main Adobe software.
The course is aimed at graduates, students and professionals of design disciplines.
36 hours. 
To attend the course is required a basic understanding of the interface of one of the software discussed during the course (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign).
Those interested should send your application and your CV to the email address
The course lasts 36 hours. Lessons include alternation between communications of the teacher and practical training.
Class attendance is mandatory for at least 75% of the hours.
€ 700 + VAT (22%) 
University Students: 600€ + VAT (22%) Master's Student: 500€ + VAT (22%) 
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Adobe Tools


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