Sketching for Industrial Design

II Edition
February 2020
The course will be held in English.

Start:February 12th 2020

End: March 20th 2020

The freehand drawing, intended as the first and most immediate tool for the representation of the idea and, therefore, the project itself, is increasingly acquiring importance even in the digital age.
This course provides the necessary tools to control the freehand drawing.
The course aims to provide students with knowledge of the principles of representation by analogy of shape and graphic and of techniques for the realization of sketches and freehand drawings, through laboratory activities and exercises aimed to the representation of real objects.
The course is aimed at graduates, students and professionals of design disciplines.
The course is open to undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in developing the ability to quickly capture, freehand, design ideas in the design of industrial products.
Those interested should send a CV to the email address
Deadline for submitting an application is February 7th 2020.
The course lasts 48 hoursLessons include alternation between communications of the teacher and practical training.
€ 1.000 + VAT (22%) 
University Students: 850 € + VAT (22%) 
For master students the cost is 850 € + VAT (22%) 
Visit  Design Tools page for the complete Course.

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Sketching for Industrial Design


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