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  • Product Design
Course / III edition

Adobe Tools

Adobe Tools for Graphic Design

720,00 €
7 May. 2021 - 2 Jul. 2021
  • English
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The course is aimed at all those who have an interest or need to learn about the Adobe tools for presenting the project.

Depending on the composition of the classroom, targeted exercises will be proposed following an approach strongly linked to the professional field; theoretical lessons will be mixed with practical exercises on the main software Adobe: Photoshop (image management), Illustrator (management of vector graphics) and Premiere (video editing).



Fausto Brevi Scientific Director
Flora Gaetani Technical Director



Lessons will be held one or two days a week with part-time (3h per day Tuesday from 4,30PM to 7,30PM and Saturday from 10AM to 13AM).

Attendance is mandatory for 80% of the hours.

Detailed information available in the course schedule.

Training objectives

The course aims to provide students with the tools for managing project presentation phases through the use of the three main Adobe software.

Didactic Modules

Educational content:

  • The digital image
  • The composition of the image
  • Color
  • The text
  • The graphic field: grid and layout
  • The basics of audio-video language

Title Released

At the end of the lessons will be issued an attendance certificate to the Higher Education Course in Design Tools and Open Badge by



The course is open to undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in developing the ability to quickly capture, freehand, design ideas in the design of industrial products.


  • Adobe Tools 36h € 720,00, for students  € 630,00
  • Sketching for industrial design 36h € 720,00, for students € 630,00
  • Alias Modeling 36h € 720,00, for students  € 630,00
  • 2 corsi 72h € 1.300,00, for students  € 1.100
  • Design Tools ALL** 108h   € 1.850,00, per studenti € 1.600,00

** Design Tools ALL : Sketching (36h) + Adobe Tools (36h) + Alias Modeling (36h). Totale ore 108


Current edition


Fausto Brevi Scientific Director
Flora Gaetani Technical Director