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Adobe Tools

The Adobe Tools Course is dedicated to learning the Adobe Suite for creating and managing visual content to support project presentations.



The Course is aimed especially at professionals from the fields of design, such as industrial and furniture designer, interior designers, fashion and accessories designers, architects. The Course is open to people who need to learn the basic tools from the Adobe Suite to create and manage visual content for product presentations. The Course will mix theoretical lessons with practical applications; targeted exercises will be proposed according to the classroom composition. Adobe Tools Course includes practical lessons focused on three softwares from the Adobe Suite:

  • Photoshop (image management): Adobe Photoshop is proprietary software produced by Adobe specialized in the processing of photographs and, more generally, of digital images. action and the management of visual contents in support of project presentations;
  • Illustrator (management of vector graphics): Adobe Illustrator is an image editing and vector graphics software;
  • Premiere (video editing): Adobe Premiere Pro is timeline-based real-time video editing software.

Lessons will take place one/two days a week with part-time schedule (single lesson duration 3h). A detailed Course schedule will be provided few weeks before the starting of the Course.

The Course will be in telematics mode.



Fausto Brevi Scientific Director
Flora Gaetani Technical Director


Training objectives

The Course aims to provide the basic knowledge to manage the creation of visual digital contents. Students will learn the basic tools to manage digital images and graphic layouts.

Didactic Modules

Educational content:

  • Digital image
  • Image composition
  • Color
  • Text
  • Grid and layout
  • Audio-video language

Title Released

At the end of the lessons, students will receive the Higher Education Course in Adobe Tools Open Badge issued by

Attendance is mandatory by a minimum of 80% of the total lessons hours.



  • Adobe Tools 30h € 700,00, for students  € 600,00
  • 2 Courses (Design Tools)  60h € 1.200,00, for students  € 1.000

** Design Tools: (30h) + Adobe Tools (30h) . Total hours: 60. offers the community of Politecnico di Milano a 50% discount to be applied to the participation fee for a I and II level Specializing Master or Higher Education Course / Post Graduate Program / Continuing Education Course which manages and provides. The discount is for internal staff (i.e., structured teachers and technical and administrative staff) with active contracts at Politecnico di Milano and members of their household.


To benefit from the discount you will need to:

  • send the selection application to the chosen course with the relevant required documents;
  • successfully pass the selections;
  • send a copy of the applicant’s family status.




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Fausto Brevi Scientific Director
Flora Gaetani Technical Director