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Sustainable Packaging Design & Engineering


In partnership with: Deles Academy


The course was born from the collaboration with DELES Academy and Leonardo Cascitelli to integrate the technical skills on packaging and the design vision integrated between product, value and process.

In a globalized world, where it is increasingly common to transfer products to consumers through the logistics chains of large retailers, the issue of packaging is becoming increasingly important, which becomes crucial when environmental and sustainability issues come into the picture.

Within this continuously evolving scenario, the Packaging Engineering & Design course, in collaboration with Deles Academy, aims at providing all the necessary knowledge for the design of Packaging, a subject that is transversal to countless fields.

Precisely for this reason, the course has been structured in four didactic modules through which skills related to different subjects will be provided.



Matteo O. Ingaramo Director of the course


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Double perspective on Packaging Engineering & Design

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Number of hours: 120 organized in 4 consecutive teaching modules of n.30 each.

Weekly commitment: part-time.

Daily commitment: from 4 to 8 hours per day as per teaching calendar.

Attendance at the course is mandatory for 80%.

Location:, Milan and Deles Academy, Uboldo

Training objectives

The course is aimed at training professionals with specific skills in the field of design, executive project and engineering for the packaging industry, directing students to creativity, providing them with solid theoretical foundations combined with the study of real cases that can also develop operational skills.

The main topics that will be explored during the course are:
– Packaging design for sustainability
– Packaging materials
– Methodology and criteria for packaging design
– Logistics processes and their correlation with packaging development
– Tools and criteria for assessing packaging needs

Didactic Plan

The course as structured in the objectives and professional figure is guaranteed in the acquisition of the entire training course structured in 120 hours.


The first module: “Sustainable packaging” will contextualize, define, offer tools and methods for the design of “sustainable packaging” through a multidisciplinary approach between the science and technology of materials, their selection in a sustainable sense, Life Cycle Assessment, directives and certifications for the end of life.

A second module: “Packaging communication & design” will define and offer tools and methods for the design of packaging that are consistent with the brand identity, with the function of containment and protection provided and with the communication needs/potentialities that the packaging can and must support. We will deal with issues related to shape management, graphic management and the genesis of “sense” and storytelling.

The third module: “Packaging Engineering” will deal with the main protective materials used and the design criteria that must be considered to safeguard the product, without forgetting the issues of cost, safety and environmental protection. It will also address the problems related to the packaging supply chain and the design criteria to define the possibilities of process automation.

The fourth module: “Project work” is proposed and coordinated by the teachers of the three previous modules, in the form of a design laboratory where the knowledge and tools transmitted will be translated into design practice.


Didactic Modules

Teaching will be organized following modules:

1st Module: Sustainable Packaging:
– Overview of packaging and the goal of sustainability
– Life Cycle Assessment and Life cycle packaging design
– Simplified tools for assessing the environmental impact of packaging
– A framework for the definition of “Sustainable Packaging” and the role of packaging against food waste.
– Selection tools for sustainable packaging materials and processes
– Talking” packaging for sustainability: active and intelligent packaging and the influences of packaging design on product perception
– End of life of packaging: environmental contribution and Conai directives, labeling and guidelines for facilitating recycling activities
– Testing and end-of-life regulations: recyclability, biodegradability, compostability: certifications

2nd Module: Packaging communication & design
– Project processes and methods
– Surface customization techniques + 2D Software
– The pack and the product: experience and semantics
– Representation and finalization of the project + 3D Software
– Visual Cognitive Exercises. Challenges, inspirations, experiences
– Branding: principles and understanding
– Packaging: history and evolution. Trends and Orientations
– Representation and finalization of the project

3rd Module: Packaging Engineering
– Materials and Methods used for the development of industrial packaging
– Design principles, testing and computer tools used (ARTIOS CAD)
– Logistic aspects that impact on packaging design
– How to buy Packaging: criteria and methods for the selection and evaluation of Packaging suppliers
– Introduction to packaging automation systems and anti-counterfeiting methods

4th Module: Project Work
– Proposal of different project themes and team training
– Laboratory project experience

Title Released

At the end of the course, an Open Badge will be issued for the participation to the Advanced Training Course in “Sustainable Packaging Design & Engineering” of

Employment Opportunities

The course aims to train the professional figure of Pack Engineer, who is able to fit into industrial realities of different commodity sectors, both in production and logistics. He has a complete knowledge of packaging materials, products for different product sectors and the main regulations that accompany them. Thanks to these skills he can propose improvements and optimizations of packaging products, as well as solutions for the automation of packaging processes.



The Advanced Training Course is reserved to candidates with a University Diploma or Degree V.O., Degree or Specialistic/Magistral Degree N.O. in Engineering, Architecture and Industrial Design. For graduates, professionals and foreign candidates will be considered equivalent qualifications in their respective systems of studies and/or their professional experience. The course is aimed at designers and managers in the areas of Design, Packaging, Logistics, Warehouse and Project.

The selection will be made by the Course Committee composed of members and DELES members.


For candidates seeking admission to the Course, evaluation will be based on:
– Curriculum Vitae
– Cognitive interview

The evaluation will be carried out by and DELES Academy.
In order to attend the course, each candidate must independently use the following software:
– Adobe (Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign)
– Keyshot
– Rhinoceros



The total cost of the course is 2,400.00 + VAT 22% for each student. This amount must be paid in a single solution at the signing of the private writing.

For those unable to attend the entire course, it is possible to purchase individual packages:

PACKAGE 1 = purchase and participation only in the Sustainable Packaging Module – 30 hours – participation fee: 750 euros + VAT;

PACKAGE 2 = purchase and participation only in the Sustainable packaging Module plus Project Work – 60 hours – participation fee: 1.320 euro + vat;

PACKAGE 3 = purchase and participation only to the Modules Packaging communication & design plus Project Work – 60 hours – participation fee: 1.320 euro + vat;

PACKAGE 4 = purchase and participation only to the Modules Packaging Engineering plus Project Work – 60 hours – participation fee: 1.320 euro + vat.


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Matteo O. Ingaramo Director of the course