Lighting & LED Technology
Higher Education Courses in Lighting Design & LED Technology
2019 Edition

Lighting Design for Shows - Longe Course
  • Applied Optics (propagation, beacons, mirrors and lenses).
  • Lighting Fixtures (types of beacons, features, applications and computer services).
  • Movement (manual, pole and motorized beacons), intensity, quality (color temperature and light sources) and correction (electric / filters) of light.
  • The spaces of the theater, design and implementation of a performance, confrontation with the set designer, the costume designer and the director.
  • Storage methods.
  • Relate conventional equipment and LED lighting.
  • Comparison, selection and positioning of the projectors.
  • Color application.
  • Media server for the show.
  • The market for "Live" in Italy, construction and management of "Live Stage" production synergies (lights, stage sets, audio and video), integration with the musical repertoire, technical choices (timing, verification, artistic choices, planning and direction), establishment of a set list and implementation of the show.
  • New technologies and control systems, "intelligent lights" and materials for the show.
As part of the course, there will be programmed tours at Clay Paky, and the theater Campo Teatrale in Milan.
40 hours
Admission to the course is reserved for a select number of participants and is subject to a selection process that will be carried out through interview, directly by the teachers who will hold the course.
01/02/2018 - 09/02/2018 
The course will be held in English.
Total cost of the course is € 680 + VAT (22%)
For registration details, contact the Laboratorio LUCE

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