Yacht Design
First-level Specializing Master at the Politecnico di Milano, organized by POLI.design
XX Edition - in English
February, 2021


The Specializing Master calls for the involvement of a series of members of the academic community active in applied research or whose professional activities fall into the field of yacht design or shipbuilding and ship-component manufacture.  The following list includes the names of the professionals who have taken part in the various training activities that make up the Specializing Master.  These experts have been involved in classroom teaching and training, overseen design exercises and planning work, held lessons or talks during training seminars, and acted as tutors during final internships.

Steering Committee

Direttore: Prof. Andrea Ratti
Co-Direttore: Prof.ssa Silvia Piardi
Coordinatore didattico: Arch. Arianna Bionda
The Specialising Master Board is made up of Politecnico di Milano professors Silvia Piardi, Andrea Ratti, Matteo O. Ingaramo, Arianna Bionda, Carlo Bertorello, and of Massimo Musio Sale of the University of Genoa and Andrea Vallicelli of the University of Chieti.


Sailing Boat Workshop: Massimo Paperini, Umberto Felci, Andrea Vallicelli, Giovanni Ceccarelli, Lorenzo Argento
Powerboat Workshop: Massimo Greori Grgič, Luca Dini, Pierpaolo Lazzarini, Gianni Zuccon, Enrico Lumini
Naval Architecture: Carlo Bertorello
Sail aerodynamics: Paolo Schito
Interior Design: Silvia Piardi, Ivana Porfiri, Mauro Sculli, Stefano Parisi, Marijana Radovich
Materials and Shipbuilding Techniques: Matteo Costa, Aldo Gatti, Andrea Ratti 
Production processes and business organization: Alfredo Cofano
On-board Equipment and Propulsion Systems: Sergio Abrami, Giovanni Cariboni, Davide Zerbinati, Giuseppe Sfondrini
Marketing and Legal Issues: Lorenzo Pollicardo, Andrea Petragnani
Empowerment: Simone Bandini Buti

Teachers and professionals who have contributed teaching and training to the Specializing Master


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Yacht Design


Tuition and Fees

Total charges for the Specializing Master are € 13.000,00.

  • Operate in terms of problem setting and problem solving in the yachting market
  • Interior design for yachts
  • Organize production and manage a shipyard
  • Develop the ability to work in groups and to present oneself in the world of professions
Teaching Plan

The Specializing Master will begin in February 2021 and will end in February 2022.


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