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David Trickey


Strategic Design

XXV edition
  • English
October 2023


He is one of Europe’s leading intercultural consultants. He focuses on multicultural team integration, and the strategic role of cultural diversity in the sustainability of organizations undergoing rapid and unpredictable change. He has led numerous integration projects for MNCs and has developed leadership teams. He is a regular speaker at international conferences on global leadership, intercultural development and large-scale behavioural change. He is co-author of Managing Challenges across Cultures: a multicultural project management toolbox (McGraw-Hill 2015) as well as the two video-based leaning resources A World of Difference: working successfully across cultures, (2002) and a case for global leadership: the Kai Bendix Story (2011). He also developed tools such as the Influencing Agility Indicator for leading without positional power in matrix organizations and was an originator of the International Team Trust Indicator – a way to measure trust gaps within global teams. David is a British national, has lived in Italy for 25 years, but has travelled around the world for work and pleasure. He speaks (international) English and Italian and tries to maintain his British sense of humor – even in the face of Brexit and Covid.



È uno dei principali consulenti interculturali d’Europa. Si occupa di integrazione di team multiculturali e del ruolo strategico della diversità culturale nella sostenibilità di organizzazioni in rapido e imprevedibile cambiamento. Ha guidato numerosi progetti di integrazione per multinazionali e ha sviluppato team di leadership. Partecipa regolarmente a conferenze internazionali sulla leadership globale, lo sviluppo interculturale e il cambiamento comportamentale su larga scala. È coautore di Managing Challenges across Cultures: a multicultural project management toolbox (McGraw-Hill 2015) e delle due risorse di leaning basate su video A World of Difference: working successfully across cultures (2002) e A Case for Global Leadership: the Kai Bendix Story (2011). Ha inoltre sviluppato strumenti come l’Influencing Agility Indicator per guidare senza potere posizionale nelle organizzazioni a matrice ed è stato uno dei creatori dell’International Team Trust Indicator, un modo per misurare le lacune di fiducia all’interno dei team globali.