WINE & System Design
How to develop a system design for the most innovative agri-food supply chain
III Edition

The Higher Education Course in WINE & System Design aims to train, in terms of content and method, a new generation of professionals capable of managing complex design processes in the food farming chain.
The educational goal is to provide knowledge, methods and tools to coordinate and manage processes and complex innovation projects that involve more players in the wine industry. At the end of the course the student will have acquired cultural, creative, design and process knowledge, to transforme ideas and visions into concrete systemic and successful projects.
The agri-food supply chain, within which wine is a symbolic expression of success for Italy, is growing and is experiencing a period of great change. The elements that are driving these transformations are: 
  • The need to direct growth processes towards new business models that can include enotourism, services and experiences.
  • Scientific discoveries and technologies (including ICT) that are transforming production processes, distribution and consumption (Smart Agriculture). 
  • Professions: the new roles of entrepreneurs (more strategic and able to manage contemporary business models), of operators (who may have an active role in innovation projects), of consultants (who must be able to manage multidisciplinary projects and systems at local and global levels), and of the institutions that help facilitate the strengthening of local and global networks (promoting consortiums and aggregations).
  • The international scenario that brings new opportunities for collaboration and distribution but at the same time presents problems, risks and uncertainties fraught with negative consequences.
  • An increasing consumer awareness, especially in so-called developed countries, that is increasingly critical when dealing with the purchase and the consumption of quality wine.
  • Environmental and social sustainability which are new criteria for evaluating and coordinating the processes of innovation and the development of business models.
  • The increasing impact of traditional (TV) communication channels and social media on patterns of consumption through new methods of storytelling capable of bringing out the intangible and cultural values that characterise wine and its products and the services of the supply chain.
  • The growing importance of the relationship of trust between producer, distributor and consumer.
From the above scenario and from the experience gained over the two editions of the Wine Design Higher education Course, it has been developed the International Course in WINE & System Design. The course is designed for professionals, entrepreneurs, startuppers, consultants, technicians, industry operators and enthusiasts who are interested in exploring how the project can serve the entire wine industry and its territories.
Basic course
The course will consist of 120 hours of theoretical course, delivered in e-learning and a project work with four hours of distance coaching. The project work, to be managed independently, will be based on a brief proposed by the Direction or on a topic chosen by the candidate (also connected to an in progress professional activity) and will have as its purpose the development of a systemic innovation project for the wine and agri-food industries.
The Final Project may be presented to the Direction of the course in the presence or remotely (using Skype).
Students who complete the Basic Course described above may enroll in the design workshop (40 hours each) proposed during the year and developed in collaboration with companies, institutions, professionals and partners.
The following are the starting dates of the two Basic Courses and Workshop.
N.B. The participants of the basic course can choose to attend either the Workshop I and Workshop II. Instead those who decide to enroll in the Basic Course II  may necessarily choose to attend the Workshop II.

I Basic Course
(E-learning + Project Work)

II Basic Course
(E-learning + Project Work)

From 03/07/2017

From 06/11/2017 to 28/02/2018
Workshop I (40 h)Workshop II (40 h)

November - December 2017

March - April 2018

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