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Andrea Petragnani Ciancarelli


Yacht Design

XXII edizione
  • Inglese
febbraio 2023


Andrea Petragnani Ciancarelli, Yacht Lawyer, member of the AIDIM, the italian association of maritime law. Owner of Petragnani Ciancarelli Law Firm founded in 1936, author since 1998 of more than 200 scientific publications on yachting law on the international magazine Nautica. Professor of yachting law in the Master of Yacht Design since 2006. Legal Consultant for ISYBA (Italian Ship & Yacht Brokers Association), Legal Consultant for (Italian Yacht Designers Association), Legal Consultant, Professor and Founder of the Italian Nautical Arbitration Chamber for the Presidenza Nazionale of Lega Navale Italiana. Areas of Activity of the Firm: Shipping – Yachting – Aviation – International Law – Arbitration – Maritime Disputes – Ship/yachts construction – Sale/purchase contracts of ships/yachts. The list of the clients includes important public institutions as well as private companies, yacht builders, marinas, brokers, ship and yacht owners, maritime associations, yacht club, captains & crew, Yacht Insurances.