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Ivana Porfiri


Yacht Design

XXI edizione
  • Inglese
febbraio 2022


Ivana Porfiri lives and works in Milan.
She is graduated in Industrial Design, in 2001 she founded the Porfiristudio, which is still in operation.
The studio approach is based on the development of new models, shapes, methods of construction, and especially of materials research, often taking distance from conventional schemes.
A deep design research inspired more by the sensorial and perceptive aspects of the space experience, than by the predominant visual-aesthetical impressions.
The studio projects are involved in various fields, this showing Ivana Porfiri’s highly eclectic attitude and her effort to avoid the risks of specialization.
To Porfiristudio credit the realization of very particular and innovative naval interiors as well as naval exterior lines.
Not limited to yacht design the studio expands the design activities in many other fields, like Residential, Furniture and Product Design, Tourism Development as well as design of Commercial and Working spaces. Many are the projects realized in Italy and abroad.