Yacht Design
First-level Specializing Master at the Politecnico di Milano, organized by POLI.design
XV Edition
February 29, 2016


The Politecnico di Milano Design School jointly offers this Specializing Master with  the POLI.design, Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano.  The program was founded to meet the strong demand for training in the pleasure-cratf segment.  The yacht's market requires professionals with specialist post-university training.

The Master is completely in English.

This Specializing Master provides the skills needed to manage the design and construction process of a sailboat or a motoryacht.

Professional Outcomes
Upon completion of the Specializing Master, students are ready to enter the workforce as specialized professionals, including building on the training prior to entering the program. Over the years, professional outcomes have included assistant designer in specialist design studios, production assistant at shipbuilders, shipyard production manager, and quality-control supervisor.

Degree Awarded
Upon completion of the Specializing Master, students earn a first-level Politecnico di Milano Specializing Master Degree.

The Specializing Master is held at POLI.design, Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano, via Durando 38/A, Milan, Italy.

Data collected and published by UCINA, the Italian Shipbuilders’ Association, show the Italian shipbuilding industry, gradually increasing the share of exports to more than 67% of current national production, despite a contracting global market.
In addition, Italy is Europe’s leading shipbuilder in terms of the value of yacht production and the second largest worldwide after the United States.  Italy became the leader in building superyachts in 2000, surpassing the United States which had been the unchallenged leader theretofore. Italian shipbuilders’ share of current worldwide orderbook for superyachts is 41%.
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