On February 1st at Palazzo Natta, one of the locations belonging to Territorial Pole of Como of Politecnico di Milano, it was released the declaration of the winners to the International Competition "PORADA FURNITURE DESIGN AWARD 2012" promoted by Porada Arredi srl, leader company in the production area of furniture accessories and, with the patronage of ADI, Italian industrial design Association.
The international competition, which ended on November 30th, 2012, addressed to Italian and foreign designer and creative professionals, was created with the aim to identify innovative concepts in order to create an original collection of products and furnishings dedicated to the home (living), with prevalent use of wood and able to convey the values and identity of the brand Porada.
Find below the winning projects:
1st PRIZE (€ 4.000) : "LINEAMYHOME"
Paolo Mattiolo, Massimo Guglielmotto, Roberto Guadrini and Massimiliano Turra.
The project "LINEAMYHOME" wanted to express completely the spirit of the competition joining with the values of the Porada company. Indeed the "LINEAMYHOME" was born from the study of the archetypical library, trying to make easier sides which will allow to have a modular piece and to be personalized by the client.

See the Project HERE

2nd PRIZE (€ 2.000) : "REUM EVO”
Arrigo Bedogni, Anna Coretti and Michele Perissinotto.

"REUM EVO" is a coffee table made by two different pieces, melt in one element. The initial idea was to create an object that could be able to anticipate some new functionality of the round center table. The geometry is extremely simply and linear, the object represents an original idea for a traditional category of home furniture.

See the project HERE

3rd PRIZE (€. 1.000): “SEGRETO”
Cristian Zedejas and Manuel Alonso Martinez River.
The project concerns the invention of a shelf implemented in a new and unexpected way. Even if the accessory is usually used for a unique function, the main point of the project is to give a chance to have a double function through 2 elements: container and surface

See the project HERE

Among the special mention:
Ludovico Lombardi for the project “Crease Table”;
Filippo Bosisio for the project“Sidney Chair” 
Davide Marchi  for the project “Los Angheles”

The Jury of the competition, composed by Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis - Head of the Politecnico Design School, Luisa Bocchietto - President ADI, Italian Industrial Design Association, Fabio Novembre - Architect and Designer, Roberto de Paolis - Design Professor- Politecnico di Milano, Bruno Allievi -  Porada Arredi srl Managing Director , Michelle Ogundehin - Elle Decor UK Director, Fumiya Ohno - Akira Kuryu Architect & Associates Co, Ltd,Director, declared its satisfaction with the success of the international competition, in terms of both the people who took part in it and the quality of the projects

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