Elements for Transportation & Automobile Design

The course, designed to prepare those interested to enroll in the Specializing Master in Transportation & Automobile Design, is offered to enable the partecipants to sharpen their presentation skills in a design context, with a focus on industrial product design and transportation design.
At the end of the course, partecipants will have improved their ability to represent and to present a project, both through traditional techniques and through those based on three-dimensional digital modeling.
The course is aimed at graduates, students and professionals of design disciplines.
162 hours. 
The course consists of 3 modules and a Design Workshop:
Module 2 –  Adobe Tools
Module 3 – Alias Modeling
 Design Workshop
Those interested should send a CV to the email address formazione@polidesign.net.
€ 2.300 + VAT (22%) 
For university students the cost is 1.800€ + VAT (22%) 
For POLI.design master students the cost is 1.500 € + VAT (22%) 
It is possible to enroll to each single teaching module and participate in just part of the course: for information on costs and registration please contact POLI.design Training Office (formazione@polidesign.net).

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Elements for Transportation & Automobile Design


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