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  • Product Design
Course / IV edition

Design Tools

1.800,00 €
1 Apr. 2022 - 30 Jun. 2022
  • English
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More and more importance, in the digital age, is acquiring freehand drawing understood as the first and most immediate tool for the representation of the idea and, therefore, of the project itself. The course aims to provide the tools necessary for the control of freehand drawing. To achieve this we need to sharpen our graphic skills through the knowledge of techniques combined with continuous experimentation, and to develop a strong capacity to observe reality, starting from the recall of the principles of descriptive geometry seen as a founding tool for all the techniques of representation used in design.

At the end of the course the students will have improved their ability to represent and present design ideas in the field of industrial product design, using freehand drawing techniques.

The course is addressed to all candidates to allow to refine the skills of representation in a design context, with particular attention to the design of the industrial product.

The course consists of teaching modules that can also be attended individually.




Fausto Brevi Scientific Director
Flora Gaetani Technical Director



Lessons will be held one or two days a week with part-time (3h per day from 4,30PM to 7,30PM).


Training objectives

The course aims to provide students with a conscious mastery of projective techniques (orthogonal projections, axonometric and perspective) together with knowledge of the principles of representation by analogy of form and graphic techniques for the realization of sketches and freehand drawings, through laboratory activities and exercises aimed at the representation of real objects.


Didactic Modules

The course consists of 3 modules:

Module 1 – Sketching for Industrial Design

Module 2 –  Adobe Tools

Module 3 – Alias Modeling

​It is possible to enroll to each single teaching module and participate in just part of the course


Title Released

At the and of the Course obtain a frequency open badge to the course released by At the end of the Higher Education Course will be issued an attendance certificate by

Employment Opportunities

At the end of the course the students will have improved their ability to represent and present a project, both through traditional techniques and through those based on three-dimensional digital modeling.



The course is aimed at graduates, students and professionals of design disciplines.

The course is aimed at all those who have an interest or need to learn about the Adobe tools for presenting the project.

Depending on the composition of the classroom, targeted exercises will be proposed following an approach strongly linked to the professional field; theoretical lessons will be mixed with practical exercises on the main software Adobe: Photoshop (image management), Illustrator (management of vector graphics) and Premiere (video editing).



  • Sketching for industrial design 30h € 700,00, for students € 600,00
  • Adobe Tools 30h € 700,00, for students € 600,00
  • Alias Modeling 30h € 700,00, for students € 600,00
  • 2 courses 60h € 1.200,00, for students € 1.000
  • Design Tools ALL** 90h € 1.800,00, for students € 1.500,00

** Design Tools ALL refers to enrolment in the entire course, which is structured as follows: Sketching (30h) + Adobe Tools (30h) + Alias Modeling (30h). Total hours 90




Current edition


Fausto Brevi Scientific Director
Flora Gaetani Technical Director