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Service Design Master Classes

Andy Polaine | Service design and systems thinking


Masterclasses are a special feature of the Specializing Master in Service Design of – Politecnico di Milano. Drawing on our extensive academic and professional network we are able to involve innovation experts and Service Design gurus to investigate cutting-edge topics connected to the world of Service Design.
Masterclasses are open events dedicated to a wider community of students and professionals that want to approach service design hot topics and meet gurus of the service design community.
All masterclasses will be online, via Zoom.

Andy Polaine

Dr. Andy Polaine is a designer, educator, coach and writer who helps clients build and grow their own design and innovation capability and transform their organisations. For several years he worked at Fjord where he was global Group Design Director of Client Evolution. He is co-author of the Rosenfeld Media book, Service Design: From Insight to Implementation, now a standard text for Service Design. Andy has nearly three decades of experience in design and innovation with clients across a range of industries, including financial services, public services, life sciences, telecommunications, automotive, media, design and education. He holds a PhD from the University of Technology, Sydney. He can be found online at, on Twitter as @apolaine. He writes a popular newsletter called Doctor’s Note and hosts the Power of Ten podcast.


Design operates at many levels of “zoom.” Small details affect the big picture and the big picture is inextricably linked to the details. Returning to the Design to the Power of Ten and Designing for the Long-Term themes in the light of current events, this masterclass will tackle designing for complexity using service design and systems thinking, and why sometimes we really do have to boil the ocean.

Key takeaways:

– Why complex is different from complicated.
– Why systems thinking is essential to thinking about design in a complex world.
– The necessity of bringing together service and systems thinking in order to design for sustainable futures.
– Understand how teams can mentally zoom in and out of levels of detail when designing complex services.
– Methods for mapping product-service ecosystems at different levels of zoom.



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