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Master Class with Franco Guidi

Franco Guidi | CEO of Lombardini22 | September 20, 2022

Lombardini22: a physical platform of collaboration | September 20, 2022 | 5:30pm

“We are a physical platform of collaboration that is enriched every day by the projects, competences and relations among people” (Franco Guidi)

What is the most precious thing in Lombardini22? It surely is the human relations that are key for our community and the mutual connection that there are among people. The community is great and there is a beautiful system where every single person generates new connections that increase the level of complexity in our work. This requires a sophisticated management model or maybe several models because there is not only the need to follow one single managerial style but actually there needs to be the possibility of creating a variety of styles that enhance the differences and facilitate the dialogue among “different worlds”. This is the organization that we are aiming to build in Lombardini22: a model for which there is no instruction booklet but a feature on where to build shared paths.

Franco Guidi

The year 2007 witnessed the beginning of the adventure of Lombardini22, the company that he established along with the other 5 partners. The blend of skills, relations and shared approaches to work contributed by its members enable Lombardini22 to meet the needs of prestigious customers in Italy and abroad seeking reliable, well-structured design services. At the end of 2008, Lombardini22 went into partnership with DEGW, and entered the capital of DEGW Italia Srl, the company that developed the culture of designing workplaces in Italy. This is an area particularly close to Franco’s heart: he became CEO of DEGW Italia and joined the international executive committee of DEGW, led by Gerard Corcoran. In Lombardini22 Franco’s fields of intervention are strategy, human resources and marketing. But he is also committed to developing high profile communication strategies based on interdisciplinary cultural events capable of always injecting new lymph into the company’s lifeblood and propagating it outside in a continuous exchange with the local territory.

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