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Masterclass with Srini Srinivasan

Srini Srinivasan | Former WDO President | June 6 2022

Design for the next phase: How the role of a designer is changing? | June 6 2022 | 5:30pm

As designers we have the unenvious task of handling the unknown situations, be it a product, a service/system, or an experience. Even though “innovation” has its roots deeply embedded for several thousand years, we as human beings are incrementally innovating to solve problems in our day-to-day living, societal issues, environmental and political challenges, all with a unified goal of “creating a better world”. The key focus areas are urgency and impact, sustainability, and user experience.

Srini Srinivasan

Srini Srinivasan is a highly accomplished designer & entrepreneur in creative design and technology development, with over 25 years of work experience in the Silicon Valley, United States, Europe and India.

Presently, Srini is one of the Senators of WDO (World Design Organization, formerly Icsid), after serving as its President until Feb 2022. He has been working with its global members to promote sustainability and design for a better world.

Srini is also the Founding President of WDO Foundation, a non-profit entity set up to work with Cities, Municipalities and local governments to execute projects that help create a better lifestyle for citizens.

Srini is the Chief Operating Officer and Professor of Industrial Design at Design Innovation Institute Shanghai where he will be leading the institutes efforts to creating innovative and futuristic design education models.

Srini is the Chairman & CEO of LUMIUM DESIGN, Inc., a Silicon Valley based, world class, award-winning product Design Company that has developed 300+ products in the Consumer Electronics, Medical, Industrial Goods, Security and Surveillance domains. Lumium has design studios in San Jose (USA), Ahmedabad (India) and in Tokyo, Japan to execute creative design projects for global clients.

Srini is a visiting Professor of Industrial Design at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Industrial Design at Tongji College of Design & Innovation, Shanghai and also a member of its International Advisory Board. In his role as Advisory Board member, Srini helps and mentors educational institutes and technology start-ups to help them grow.

Srini has been a Keynote Speaker on several Design Conferences across the globe on Innovation & Design topics. He has been the Jury Chairman and Member of the Jury on several well-known Design Awards across the globe. Srini is an active member of IDSA, the professional body for Industrial Designers in the US.

Srini attended UC Berkeley for his executive education in Product Management. Presently, Srini is pursuing his Ph.D. in Sustainable Development.

Srini lives in Shanghai and travels extensively around the globe. He is also an avid singer, golfer and an occasional pilot.

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