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Open Day

OPEN DAY - Higher Education Course in Olfactive Spatial Design meets Russia

26 January at 17.00 Italian time
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The Higher Education Course in Olfactive Spatial Design provides the tools and design skills, the method, to become an Olfactive Spatial Designer.

It’s a professional profile in demand by the world of hospitality, retail, interior design, branding, manufacturing,as well as in the experience sector, from museums to entertainment.
This course is the first in the world dedicated entirely to the education and training of future Olfactive Spatial Designers. Upon completion, their newly acquired unique skills will enable them to communicate constructively with Designer Studios, Companies, Installation Engineers, Marketing Departments, on how to incorporate scent in design in a creative and innovative way.
The Professional, trained through this course, will be able to act as a Scent Officer for Hotel chains, Retail, Factories, Entertainment and other Institutions that understand the potential and power of olfaction as a stimulus, a signature and point of difference.
Future Scent Designers will be able to consult for companies that deal with indoor air quality, for residential and office environments, in the choice of materials that may absorb or diffuse odor, mal-odor neutralization, antibacterial efficiency as well as for players in emotional marketing.

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