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Intervention 1 – Dialogue with a 360° creative artist
Giampiero Bodino: designer, painter, artist and photographer
October 21, 2021
Villa Mozart
11 am – 1 pm

The event will focus on the following themes:

  • How the creative idea leads to an economically sustainable project
  • The key arguments to “convince” the top management to support a creative project
  • How to mix the fact of being a personal brand, an international designer and the member of a board of the Richemont Group
  • The transition to the art world
  • What are the elements that stimulate your creativity

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Intervention 2 – Dialogue with a visionary manager
Riccardo Sciutto: managerial creativity, curiosity, enthusiasm, professionalism
28 october 2021
Newform Showroom
11 am – 1 pm

The second event will cover:

  • The process of building a collection in Sergio Rossi, from the creative idea to the finished product
  • The virtual collection
  • The valorization of Sergio Rossi’s archive
  • The investment in young designers
  • The value of sustainability and territoriality

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masterclass for Italian Chamber of Commerce in Mexico

Three unmissable Masterclasses in Sensorial Surface Design, Design for Food and Premium Design Management
Event participates in Italian Design Day at the National Museum of Cameroon

On the occasion of the Italian Design Day in Africa, taking place at Cameroon National Museum in the capital city Yaoundé between May 28th and 30th 2023, is pleased to announce its participation to the event

Trajectories for a more-than-human revolution

The third event of Open Polifactory, an annual cycle of presentations, events and debates dealing with complex issues in contemporary design research