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UX Talk #32 - UX in Motion

Why are animations important when designing an Interface? What’s the difference between Motion Design and Micro-interactions?

Friday 10th March, 6 pm @ YoRoom Coworking

Everyone working in the digital field knows how commoditized UX has become nowadays: ready-to-use design systems, consolidated best practices, usability heuristics and other design principles. On one hand they help the designers increase the familiarity of the user with their products, but on the other hand they risk to generate boring and identical interfaces. This is why microUX is important in all its branches: we will focus on the power of animations and micro-interactions to foster creativity and create a more memorable experience on the digital product. We’ll discuss concrete case studies with two prominent Italian creative studios: Illo and Adoratorio.

Davide Genco
Technical Director @ Experience Design Academy

Giovanna Crise
Brand Developer @ Illo

Filippo Cipriani
Head of the Studio @ Adoratorio



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