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Course / XI edition

Licensing & Brand Extension

The purpose of these courses is to give concrete, immediate and highly specialized answers to the professional world and to the industry in constant evolution.

2.000,00 €
7 Oct. 2021 - 5 Nov. 2021
  • Italian
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The 9th edition of the Course examines the variables essential of a Licensing project, examining the increasingly stringent relationships with the activities of Brand Extension, Contract and Merchandising. Today’s areas and activities are interconnected with a common goal: to seek business growth through the enhancement of the brand in all sectors and product sectors.



Marco Turinetto Scientific Director
Patrizia Beltrami Technical Director


Silvia Rota

Tommaso Benvenuti

Tiziana Barillaro


Training objectives

The course provides students with the tools to be able to express themselves in the field of work, immediately, at good creative levels. In fact, the proposed training allows, through the 4 didactic modules, to embrace the topics necessary to be able to deal with the profession of Licensing Manager through the deepening of information belonging to the related contexts of design, communication and distribution. The Licensing Manager not only deals with the design and formal and technological aspect of a product but has assumed a fundamental role in all phases of the cycle: production, distribution, communication. Licensing, in fact, does not only mean licensing one’s own brand, but also brand extension, merchandising and contract intended as the possibility of extending one’s brand to other product sectors or to other markets.

Didactic Plan

The proposed training consists of 4 modules which enable students to grasp the necessary issues in order to to engage in the profession of Licensing Manager through the study of information related to the contexts of strategy, planning, communication and distribution.

The didactic approach is of an innovative and interactive nature, as it deals with the themes dealt with in a synergic and transversal way, and correlates them with each other through a sort of “direction”. The student will have the opportunity to link different subjects together, putting into practice the different areas of creativity with the partner companies.

The training topics are crossed among them:

Construction of Value: Merchandising, Brand-Extension, Licensing, Brand-Protection;
Licensing Project: Marketing, Strategy, Communication, Distribution;
Creative Process: Project Architecture, Design, Production, Service.

Traditional lessons alternate with case discussions, meetings with exponents of the business world, exercises and application works:

Company Visit: field activities to enhance the skills acquired in the field;
Project Work: brand-extension project commissioned by partner companies:
Business Game: simulation game in which to experiment strategic skills and collaborative spirit.

Didactic Modules

The course will deal with the following modules:

Module 1 – The Construction of Merchandising

  • Value: the personalization of the product through creativity and strategy, passing from the concept of outsourcing to that of partnership.
  • Brand Extension: new potential in terms of brand positioning to build a system of coherent relationships between different products and commodities.
  • Licensing: through the study of the brand value chain, the communicative values ​​of the brand and the different variations of the brand-extension are analyzed.
  • Brand protection: enhancing innovation and creativity for the preservation of the brand and the designer’s work in a preventive and defensive key from improper use.

Module 2 – The Marketing Licensing

  • Project: analysis and research to identify the needs of the market with reference to the definition of the product, its price, its promotion and distribution.
  • Strategy: strategic design capable of interpreting desires, generating originality, declining the extension of the brand in all its facets. Communication: multiple opportunities for brands, where Licensing stands as the only “positive cost” communication system.
  • Distribution: strategic importance of the relationship between licensing, distribution structure and trade fair tradition through the analysis of the newest trends in progress.

Module 3 – The Creative

  • Process Project Architecture: maniacal development of the construction of a correct brand coherence through an operational model of selection of new quality ideas.
  • Design: design in all its components and management of the creation of new products useful for the extension of the brand. Production: from licensing to production through the choice of high quality “target standards”: who, what, where, how production should be.
  • High Value-Added Goods: indications on what to offer and sell to different markets that no longer buy out of need but out of emotional desires through the innovative “W4 Method”.

Module 4 – Project-Work.

The Project-Work is divided into working groups where “dialogue” and “innovation” merge into three steps related to each other in succession:

  • Think-Tank: analysis and planning
  • Concept: ideation and strategies
  • Design: designing the idea In the Project Work, innovative Brand-Extension projects will be developed in collaboration with the partner companies of the course.

Title Released

At the end of the Course a certificate of attendance  and Open Badge will be issued by

Employment Opportunities

The course provides the tools to be able to express itself in the field of work, right away, at good professional levels. Students can study the synergistic roles that the marketing and creative sectors of the company perform in the implementation of the most suitable strategies to conceive new types of products and services. In particular, in the concept of Brand-Extension, we will discuss how the project develops, from strategy and organization, to the design and planning of goods to be placed on the market.



The course is aimed at:

Graduates, with a three-year or specialized degree, and Graduates from schools of design, engineering, architecture, economics and commerce, marketing and communication;
Graduates and graduates with professional experience of less than three years also in the field not specifically Licensing.
For admission purposes, the profile of candidates not attributable to these categories can be assessed by management.


Deadline for application: September 16th, 2021


The course costs € 2.000 + VAT (22%).




Current edition


Marco Turinetto Scientific Director
Patrizia Beltrami Technical Director