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Executive Course

Knit Design

The new generation of knitwear designers

Duration : 170h
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Training in the knitting industry requires that the creative-design component be supported by structured technical knowledge: one cannot think of a knitted product without knowing the techniques and machines by which it is made. The evolution of technologies for the industrial sector, the specifics of the product, and the complexity of software and electronic machines have created a barrier between designers and technical figures involved in programming, generating an increasing incompatibility of languages and modus operandi. Existing courses, delivered only by machine manufacturers, are not accessible except to customers despite the fact that there is now a great demand for specialization from young graduates. The sector, which is growing even in today’s challenging environment, needs a new generation of professionals who can develop innovative, sustainable and design-driven solutions in close relationship with the more technical and technological aspects of manufacturing.


Giovanni Maria Conti Scientific Director
Martina Motta Technical Director



The course consists of 4 teaching modules.

Lectures and practice modules are planned. Lectures will be held at Shima Seiki Italia headquarters while practices will be held partly in the laboratories of Politecnico di Milano – Campus Bovisa and partly in Shima Seiki Italia laboratories (Segrate).

Didactic Plan

SESSION 1 (48 h)
Design thinking for knitwear

SESSION 2 (72 h)
Programming and making industrial knitting

SESSION 3 (30 h)
Sum-up: designing, programming, communicating knitwear

SESSION 4 (20 h)
Mind Opening

Didactic Modules

SESSION 1 – Design thinking for knitwear

1.1 The elements for designing knitwear

  • Materials, fibers and yarns
  • Knit stitches and structures
  • Modeling
  • Machinery and technology

1.2 Mesh stitch reading

1.3 The manual machine

1.4 Writing the stitches according to a working pattern


SESSION 2 – Programming and making industrial knitwear

2.1 Shima Seiki Apex software

  • basic programming
  • advanced programming
  • packet programming

2.2 The electronic machine


SESSION 3 – Sum-up: designing, programming, communicating knitwear

3.1 Product design and development

SESSION 4 – Mind Opening

1 day per week devoted to:

  • Showroom visits
  • In companies
  • Meetings with designers

Title Released

At the end of the Course, an open badge for the Course in Knit Design will be issued by

Employment Opportunities

The Course allows users to deepen their knowledge of the industrial knitting product by combining design planning, learning basic and advanced programming functions, and the use of Shima Seiki electronic machines. Users will thus learn how to communicate effectively with more technical figures inside or outside companies, suppliers and customers.



The Course is aimed at:

  • Post-graduate
  • Young professionals – junior designers
  • Companies – fashion brands (product developer, designer)
  • Manufacturing companies – knitting and spinning mills (product developer, designer)
  • Trainers in the knitting industry

Applicants need to send the selection documents via the following link:

  • Application for admission
  • Copy of ID and fiscal code
  • CV including brief description of professional profile

Deadline to send your application: December 20, 2023


The cost of the course is € 3,800.00 + VAT 22%



Attendance Benefits for Companies
Partial exemptions of 20% for the second employee enrolled in the same course.
Requirement to file the request: self-certification stating that the employees belong to the same company plus the required documents for the selection process.



Enrolment in more than one course

Discounts are available for those who enrol on more than one course: 15% on the second course and 20% on the third course.


Current edition

Giovanni Maria Conti Scientific Director
Martina Motta Technical Director