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  • Interior Design and Architecture

Soft Decoration in Interior Design meets China

Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Design


Second edition of the course “Soft Decoration in Interior Design”, in collaboration with Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Design.

From November 16 to November 19, 2017, Arch. Gianpietro Sacchi and Arch. Alessandro Villa have been in Shanghai, showing to a classroom composed by Chinese designers and professionals, the key design elements for soft decoration and furnishings in interior Design, through case studies and examples of CFM: colors, finishes and materials.

Guests of Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Design, the two teachers gave birth to four days of intensive training, addressing in details innovative themes in the field of Interior Design, such as:

  • Methods and applications: introduction to decoration and furnishings;
  • Classical Italian style furnishings;
  • The Italian concept of “genius loci”;
  • New materials for interior design: innovative surfaces and finishes;
  • CFM examples: colors, finishes and materials;
  • Cases Study of Hotels and residential spaces;
  • Innovative solutions for traditional materials;
  • Marble and wood: case studies of Italian companies.