Licensing & Brand Extension

X edition
October 2020


The Licensing & Brand Extensions Course enters the offer of short training courses provided by, Politecnico di Milano. The purpose of these courses is to give concrete, immediate and highly specialized answers to the professional world and to the industry in constant evolution.


The 9th edition of the Course examines the variables essential of a Licensing project, examining the increasingly stringent relationships with the activities of Brand Extension, Contract and Merchandising. Today's areas and activities are interconnected with a common goal: to seek business growth through the enhancement of the brand in all sectors and product sectors.


The course provides the tools to be able to express itself in the field of work, right away, at good professional levels. Students can study the synergistic roles that the marketing and creative sectors of the company perform in the implementation of the most suitable strategies to conceive new types of products and services. In particular, in the concept of Brand-Extension, we will discuss how the project develops, from strategy and organization, to the design and planning of goods to be placed on the market.


The proposed training consists of 4 modules which enable students to grasp the necessary issues in order to to engage in the profession of Licensing Manager through the study of information related to the contexts of strategy, planning, communication and distribution.

The didactic approach is of an innovative and interactive nature, as it deals with the themes dealt with in a synergic and transversal way, and correlates them with each other through a sort of "direction". The student will have the opportunity to link different subjects together, putting into practice the different areas of creativity with the partner companies.

The training topics are crossed among them:

  • Construction of Value: Merchandising, Brand-Extension, Licensing, Brand-Protection;
  • Licensing Project: Marketing, Strategy, Communication, Distribution;
  • Creative Process: Project Architecture, Design, Production, Service.


Traditional lessons alternate with case discussions, meetings with exponents of the business world, exercises and application works:

  • Company Visit: field activities to enhance the skills acquired in the field;
  • Project Work: brand-extension project commissioned by partner companies:
  • Business Game: simulation game in which to experiment strategic skills and collaborative spirit.


Here are some companies that have collaborated in teaching and visits in the past editions: AC Milan; Alcantara; Alitalia; Bindi; Bottega Veneta; Bulgari; Cults; Dorchester Collection; Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts; Ferrari Museum; Frette; Grand Hotel et de Milan; Hausbrandt; Heineken; La Feltrinelli; La Rinascente; Laureus; LVMH; Mandarin Oriental; Meissen Couture; Microsoft; Moleskine; Mondadori; Newform; Pitti Immagine; Puma; RCS Sport; Smythson; Ta '; Vertime-Timex; Vivienne Westwood; Zagato.


The course is aimed at:

  • Graduates, with a three-year or specialized degree, and Graduates from schools of design, engineering, architecture, economics and commerce, marketing and communication;
  • Graduates and graduates with professional experience of less than three years also in the field not specifically Licensing.

For admission purposes, the profile of candidates not attributable to these categories can be assessed by management.


Admission to the course, restricted to a maximum of 20 participants, is subject to a selection process.

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The course costs € 2.000 + VAT (22%).

Some partial exemptions of 40% available on the total amount:

  • Politecnico di Milano students
  • students and former students
  • Former students or students who self-certify their enrollment in a Course or a Master in the year 2018.

Partial exemptions are not cumulative.

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Licensing & Brand Extension


Tuition and fees
The course costs € 2.000,00.
Financial aid available.
  • deepening thematic licensing manager
  • deepen the trained and technological aspects of a product
  • analysis of production phases, distribution and communication of a product
  • brand extension, merchandising and contract
Teaching plan
Start: October 2020
End: November 2020
Venue, Via Don Giovanni Verità, 25 - 20158 Milano

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