Art Direction & Copywriting
First level Specializing Master at the Politecnico di Milano.
The Master's where you work with creative directors.
XI Edition - in Italian
February 2021
"La Palestra" represents a unique case in the Italian education system and guarantees participants a truly comprehensive learning process which is a prerequisite for the possible enrollment to the Specializing Master. In order to support students in their experience, so that they can choose to sign up with awareness and enthusiasm to the Master, La Palestra offers aspiring creative talents the opportunity to check if they are compatible with the spirit of the Master. 
Find past students, what are they doing now?

Creative Training Programme “La Palestra” pre-Master. Some useful info:
After a meeting with the Director of the Specializing Master Luis Ciccognani, candidates can attend some lectures, and so see for themselves the interchange between creative directors and students; during the breaks they will have the opportunity to meet and listen to the experiences of those who have chosen this path.

La Palestra is structured in two stages:
STAGE 1 - ONE MONTH OF STUDIES, RESEARCH AND TRIALS: After the interview Luis Ciccognani will give candidates various types of projects and provide them with useful information, a basic book list to read, research and creative experiments to get ready for the Master. At the end of this first stage, Luis Ciccognani and the young candidates will discuss the possibility of proceeding with their enrollment.
STAGE 2 - FOR ENROLLEES, UNTIL THE BEGINNING OF THE MASTER: after the one-month trial period, once they have enrolled, the aspiring Art Directors and Copywriters will have free access, until the beginning of the Master, to the Director's workshop, next to the Politecnico di Milano, and to other locations and cultural centres in Milan. Those who live far away can be followed in their training also via Skype. 
Attendance is not mandatory; however, it does represent a great opportunity, a unique Master course in Italy: a free experience that enriches the Specializing Master: 14 months of intense work with some of the biggest names in the world of communication agencies, in addition to 480 hours (about three months) of full-time internship.


The idea of the Specializing Master comes from the profound change of the Brand system, a change that has put into crisis the traditional communication systems.
The Specializing Master is aimed at those who wish to do creative work with contemporary professional skills according to the profound transformations that communication professions are facing in the transition from Advertising to the new Brand Communication System.
To prepare young designers to deal with this new scenario, creative communication projects for traditional and new media will be proposed, under the direction of Creative Directors of the most important Italian and international communication agencies.
The Laboratoriominiera Master is aimed at those who wish to do creative work in the world of brand communication, with contemporary professional skills in tune with the profound changes that the communication professions are facing in the transition from Advertising to the new Brand Communication System. The idea of the Master stems from understanding the great change that has affected the system of goods and their communication, a change that threatened traditional communication systems, expanding and intensifying the possibilities: everything is brand, everything is communication, everything is media. To provide young people with the preparation needed to tackle this new scenario, the Master will explore creative communication projects for both traditional media and new types of media, under the supervision of Creative Directors from major Italian and international communications agencies.

Job description and final assessment

During the Specializing Master, students will acquire the necessary skills to start a career as Art Director or Copywriter in communication agencies as Digital Art Director, Digital Copywriter, Content Creator, with the ability to interact with all the processes and professional figures within the workflows. During the lessons will be presented an overview of other professions that, in synergy with the creative department, contribute to the implementation of Brand Communication Projects such as Strategic Planner, Project Manager, Social Media Strategist, Community Manager The Tv Producer.

Degree awarded

This Specializing Master leads to an exam that awards a Politecnico di Milano First Level Specializing Master Degree.

The Master grants 61 CFU, equivalent to 61 ECTS.
The courses are held at, Politecnico di Milano, Via Durando 38/a, Milan. 

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Art Direction & Copywriting


Tuition and Fees
The total cost is € 13.000 per student.
For Politecnico di Milano students, € 10.000.
  • Know the change of the Brand system
  • Know all the areas of communication
  • Creation of creative communication projects for classic and new media
Teaching Plan

The Specializing Master will begin on February 2021 and will end on February 2022.

Venue, Via Don Giovanni Verità, 25 - 20158 Milan

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