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news 16 September 2021

Strategic partnership between and Hainan Design Week for the Partner Country Program of the Hainan Design Week 2021

Today, Thursday 16 September 2021, the ceremony for the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between and Hainan Design Week on the Partner Country Program of the first edition of Hainan Design Week 2021 took place.
news 16 September 2021


news 15 September 2021

Yacht Design Alumni stories

Ensar Cabuk, student of the IX edition of the Specializing Master and today Sales Manager at Sirena Marine.
news 14 September 2021

In December 2021 partecipates in the Guangzhou Design Week

With more than 14 years of operational history, Guangzhou Design Week is the first annual international design exhibition in China since 2006 and the most influential and largest commercial activity in the Chinese design industry.
news 13 September 2021

Webinar Sustainability and Human Hospitality

news 3 September 2021

Exhibition 'Design the proximity' and Public Program of meetings in collaboration with BASE Milano

‘Designing the proximity' is the theme that the Design System of the Politecnico di Milano - a unique research and education centre composed by, School of Design and Department of Design - focuses on during Design Week 2021, in collaboration with BASE Milano.
news 2 September 2021

Signed the agreement between and NEWTON BUSINESS SCHOOL

The signing ceremony took place on September 2, 2021.
news 31 August 2021

Milan Design Week 2021. with different appointments not to be missed

Also this year participates in the Milan Design Week from 4 to 10 September 2021, and fits into the international panorama of design, culture and innovation.
news 30 August 2021

Yacht Design Alumni stories

Marco Achler, student of the IX edition of the Specializing Master and today founder and owner of the Neomarine boatyard and co-founder of the Greek charter company Kefalonia Blu.