Strategic Design
First-level Specializing Master at the Politecnico di Milano
XVII Edition
October 12, 2015


Starting date: 12th October 2015.
Ending date: January 2017.

The Specializing Master in Strategic Design. Design of the Value Offering, is a 1st Level Specializing Master of Politecnico di Milano, designed and run by, the Politecnico di Milano Consortium in collaboration with MIP, the Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business.
The Master is completely in English.
The social demand for a new generation of products and services, coherent with current socio cultural changes and their sustainable development, becomes an opportunity for companies and managers that considers and appraise design as a competitive lever.
The Specializing Master in Strategic Design is addressed to students, prime experts and consultants oriented to cover a project and managerial role in the product-system innovation process. 
The course aims to build a specific competence oriented towards qualified professionalism about the topics related to strategic design, to innovation management, to design of the product-system, to the interplay between design and new technology, to new forms of entrepreneurship.
The Specializing Master forms experts and consultants able to carry out design and management activities in the process of innovation of the product system. 
Through its innovative didactic mix of theory, design and application, the program is able to generate the conditions that allow its students to look at the current business landscape from a systemic and 360° viewpoint that is necessary for the development of radical innovations in product, services and communication strategies.
The objective is to develop in its participants those skills: 
  • Develop strategic planning skills
  • Develop self-entrepreneurship 
  • Develop the necessary attitude to set complex problems 
  • Develop the competencies to generate innovative visions
  • Acquire management skills for strategic design projects 
  • Acquire narrative capabilities communicate strategic design projects 
Employment prospects
Graduates from previous editions of the Specializing Master in Strategic Design have found employment in two main areas: as Specialists in Design and Innovation (marketing directors, R&D managers, industrial designers, product/service and brand developers) and in Innovation Management (as design managers, design directors, project managers, product managers, retail managers, brand managers and product-system innovation consultants).
Final assessment
At the end of the Master, participants that will have passed the program and the final exam, will receive the Degree in 1st Level Specializing Master in Strategic Design, Design of the Value Offering. 
Following graduation, after notifying as stipulated by the Order of Territorial belonging and the subsequent feedback from the same, the participant will get a number of CFP equal to those established by Regulations, listed below as information purposes:
  • 30 CFP per year (CNI)
  • 15 CFP per year (CNAPPC)
Student obligations
Attendance: a maximum of 25% absenteeism is consented.
Student evaluation
During the program, the Master’s Faculty staff, through written examinations and project reviews and presentations held throughout the program, will assess the progress of each student. A final individual exam will also be held, and will consist in the discussion of a Master thesis developed during the project work, and is finalized to ascertain the analytical, theoretical and practical competencies gained throughout the program by each student. These exams and evaluations will be presided by the Faculty of the program.
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