Red Bull at Fuorisalone 2014 with "Yes, We CAN": three dynamic installations in Zona Tortona dedicated to design and sustainability

The "Yes, We CAN" project is the winner of Red Bull's Re Design Award: Reduce, Renew, Redesign, organised in collaboration with
Design, fun and sustainability: Red Bull, which has always been the energy drink par excellence, is taking part in Design Week 2014 with the "Yes, We CAN" project by VS² - Versus Studio (Nicole Sassi, Paola Scottini, Sofia Vavassori and Michela Vado) winner of Red Bull's Re Design Award: Reduce, Renew, Redesign, promoted in collaboration with Objective: to draw young people’s attention to the theme of recycling cans, directly involving them during Milan Design Week.
The winning idea combines creativity and interactivity:  with three dynamic installations positioned in streets that have come to symbolise the Fuorisalone (in Via Tortona 23Via Tortona 27 and Via Savona 7 to be precise), "Yes We CAN" proposes an alternative method of collecting cans of Red Bull - Red Edition –  an average of 130,000 cans will be distributed free of charge and consumed during  Design Week –  by using a vertical collector which, through an interplay of empty and filled spaces, allows cans to be inserted at different depths. The reliefs produced by the cans will form different designs in each of the three locations. In this way, by interacting directly with the installations, consumers will create a collective live performance, and will thus become involved in the creation of a global work dedicated to recycling.
Having always been attentive to the issue of sustainability, this initiative confirms Red Bull's continuing commitment to environmental protection: from the production cycle – it’s worth noting that today 80% of the energy used in the company's production processes already comes from renewable sources – up to consumption of the product. The initiative represents an original way of disposing of the cans that are consumed in large quantities during Fuorisalone Week; in this sense, "Yes, We CAN" is a solution that is both practical and creative.
The project was named the winner from a shortlist of five finalists by a jury comprising Matteo Ingaramo (Director of, Andrea Zilioli (National Field Marketing Manager at Red Bull), Emanuele Melloni (Marketing Manager at Red Bull), Marco Sammicheli (Director of ZERO Magazine) and Stefano Castiglioni (Professional Designer, representing the Association for Industrial Design - ADI). 
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In addition to "Yes, We CAN" by the group led by Nicole Sassi, the shortlisted projects included: "Are you Red?" by Edward Giammarioli, a basketball court where the challenge is to score baskets with the used cans; "# recycle tour Red Bull" by Marco Febbo – a trampoline-can-crusher; "Drink, shoot & share" by Filippo Scaboro – mini-photographic sets on which to be immortalised as angels fitted with wings made from cans; and "Put yourself to the test. The tube" by Marco Toni – a game experience with cans which also aims to raise awareness about the environment.
The appointment not to be missed is from 7 to 13 April in two of the most important streets for Milan Design Week 2014 to enjoy Red Bull - Red Edition and have fun creating three large installations with recycled cans in the name of design and sustainability.
See you, therefore, from 7th to 13th April  in two key streets of the Milan Design Week 2014 to enjoy Red Bull - Red Edition and have fun creating three big installations with recycled cans, dedicated to design and sustainability.

Red Bull, which has always been an energy drink par excellence, and, presented a challenge to young Italian designers under 35 years of age, "Red Bull – Re-Design Award: Reduce, Renew, Redesign" to develope new ideas for original, innovative and accessible products-services aimed at recycling of cans of the new energy drink Red Bull - Red Edition.

An initiative that focused on design, not only from the aesthetic point of view, but as a determining factor for the development of new ideas that could draw attention to environmental sustainability. In fact, the young designers participating in the competition were required to design products - services that could play a key role in stimulating consumers to recycle and reuse cans, also creating an event that might be developed right through the 2014 Design Week. In fact, an average of  125,000-130,000 cans of Red Bull - Red Edition will be consumed during the Fuorisalone (outside the fair) activities, with the drinks being distributed in strategic areas of the city.
The competition took place in two successive phases aimed at the identification of and follow up on the most interesting projects:
  • Phase 1: Gathering of potential ideas on the basis of the criteria set out in the notice;
  • Phase 2: Development of projects that were also able to meet the necessary feasibility elements.
The 1st  phase of the competition ended with the deadline for projects' delivery last 10th February.
Afterwards, a jury of five members representing Red Bull,, ADI - Association for Industrial Design, and a number of industry experts, selected the shortlist of projects which entered the second phase with the 28th February 2014 deadline. Then the jury selected the winner from this shortlist, who will develop his project during the 2014 Design Week. Red Bull will develop the project, with the designer’s support.
Jury's members
The projects had to meet the following requirements:
  • include the collection of empty cans;
  • create an event that will stimulate and involve consumers in the reuse/recycling of cans;
  • create, with the collected cans, a facility that will be developed in numerous places continuously during the Milan Design Week;
  • enhance the distinctive elements of the new Red Bull - Red Edition energy drink.
Both the ideas and their feasibility were the key elements, on the basis of the information provided by the competition notice. Participants had to propose a method for the logistics of collecting and disposing of cans, supporting it with estimates regarding the maximum number of cans that the facility might take/hold. The facility had also to be highly feasible (in terms of cost, time and methods) and to care about current legislation on safety, compliance with ergonomic and environmental requirements, as well as sustainable design.
Last but not least, attention had to be paid to consumer involvement and to the attractiveness of the project due to the characteristics of the idea, manner in which the service could be used, products consumed, and the setting up of the facility.  
Participation in the competition was free and open to designers (individually or in groups) under 35 years of age who were domiciled or resident in Italy.
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