Color Design & Technology
First-level Specializing Master at the Politecnico di Milano
III Edition
October 2018


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Former students' feedback:

Alba Pedrini
"I was looking at the Specializing Master mainly as an occasion to follow a passion and explore something new, but at the same time I was intrigued by the idea of giving my career a shift and possibly develop a new career in the design field. During the year we’ve been given lectures from the most important and well-respected academics in the field of color studies, we got the chance to take part to the annual Italian Color Group meeting and we’ve also met a lot of professionals who are actually working as color designers. I’m convinced the Specializing Master has given each of us the main instruments one needs to start a career in the color field and, most important, it has showed us the limitless application that color might have in different industries. I’ve recently moved to London to work for a company that develops lighting set for events so I’m sure I’ll have the chance to apply at least some of the contents I’ve learnt during the Specializing Master".
Simona Troiano
"The experience of the Specializing Master was extremely good: studying in a multicultural environment enriches you a lot, it gives you the opportunity to meet and discuss with people from different parts of the world and to learn new things. Lectures, theoretical and practical, have been very useful, interesting and allowed us to enter in the magical world of color and to discover issues that are often overlooked or not considered, but in reality are characteristic in our design work: the theme of color is very unique, interesting and not common, then specializing in this sector, in some way, makes you "different" from other designers. The internship experience, finally, during which I've designed and developed a color proposal for the motorcycle industry, has considerably increased my knowledge and my passion: it was an experience that has enriched me both professionally and personally".


Costanza Fausone
"My expectations about the Specializing Master have been fully met: the didactic, in particular, both the theoretical part concerning the color perception and the factors affecting it, and the practical one, with the laboratories, was well organized and extremely comprehensive. The Specializing Master has given me a lot, both on a human and professional level: in the classroom there were students from around the world so, in particular during the workshops, there has been a very stimulating exchange of thoughts and ideas. In the workplace, the Specializing Master has provided me with all the tools necessary for a proper color design: it gave me also the opportunity to get in touch with professionals passionate like me to the theme of color and to start new collaborations. The internship, finally, in my case at a manufacturer of paints and varnishes, was interesting as it gave me the opportunity to know from the inside a large company".
Tanja Polegubic
"I consider myself extremely fortunate to be among the first graduates of the Specializing Master in Color Design & Technology, along with an alumni from 4 continents. It is a unique offering not only in Europe, but around the world! Prior to moving to Milan, I had been working in digital communications in Australia for over a decade. I was looking for a masters study program in Europe with a design focus, to build on and expand my communications expertise. The masters color specialization and structure appealed to me as it featured communications, as well as the influence of history, fashion, architecture, product design and the technical aspects of understanding color - invaluable foundations which serve all areas of life - professionally and personally. The Specializing Master exceeded my expectations, as we were given access to experts from industry and academia as well as an internship program to hone our knowledge in a color field. I would recommend the course to anyone who uses color, or would look to better utilize knowledge of color, as the advantages apply across many industries and all aspects of daily life - on an individual and global level".


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