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HOSThinking – 10 Designer per 100 Prodotti

First prize for the team headed by Urte Berukstyte for the Design Challenge HOSThinking – 10 Designer per 100 Prodotti.

2 May 2017
Total prizes
3.000 €
Announcement and registration procedures

On Monday, 23 October 2017 the award was given to Urte Berukstyte and the Jumble room project, thus concluding the HOSThinking – 10 Designers for 100 Products contest launched by HOSTMilano – Fiera Milano in collaboration with

This fascinating challenge transformed the pavilions of HOSTMilano 2017 into a live design session, giving life to an unprecedented design challenge. It included 4 days of intense project work during which the 10 designers of the international call, leading their own teams, experienced the fair as a creative catalogue, selecting 100 products from the about 2,000 exhibitors at the event.
Objective: to identify innovative concepts capable of combining service and experience, products offered and space, under the mentorship of Marta Conconi, Gianpietro Sacchi and Alberto Zanetta, professors and well-established professionals in the industry.

Standing out among the 10 finalist proposals and presented live by the designers to the judges and the fair’s audience on Monday afternoon, Jumble room, the project by Urte Berukstyte and her team composed of Massimiliano Concilio and Ilaria Gambino. Selected for the innovative concept of hospitality based on the interaction between the digital world, local restaurants, “glocal” hospitality and convivial comfort, the proposal was able to use, in a novel way, 10 functional products from as many companies at HOSTMilano2017: Alessi with KING-KONG DUO – the napkin holder designed by Giovannoni & Venturini, Forteam with For Meal, an automated restaurant, Gamba Bruno with Chioschi, a structure with an interactive touchscreen display, the personalized environment of Gewiss, the smart touch menu by Jeco, Kartell with the master Chair by Phillippe Starck, Mixologica with a customizable cocktail mixer, SCANOMAT with TopBrewer, a futuristic drink machine, SDG with Bioplat, a 100% biodegradable tableware and Validex with a roller system for reducing waste.
The team won a cash prize for the designer leader and a voucher for the purchase of cultural services for the rest of the team (total prize money 3,000 €).

There were also two special mentions which the jury wanted to assign: the Coffea project by Dario Capobianco – director of the team members Enrico Bianchi and Novi Malika, projecting towards a new experience in coffee tasting in the digital era – and Aldente, the proposal by Stefano Citi and assisted by Chiara De Pascale and Gaia Cavagna: a concept that makes the “fast meal” experience more flexible thanks to the integration of machinery and user interaction.

“We saw 10 projects which really pushed the concept of hospitality towards a new vision.” stated Matteo O. Ingaramo, General Director of and member of the jury. “Almost 100 products used in completely original contexts which were able to follow the hottest trends in the industry. The qualitative and technical level of the products exhibited at HostMilano 2017 sets the stage for a new generation of hospitality. Once again it is the Fair that generates innovation”.

Click here and view all design challenge projects.


Here are the 10 designers who will guide the creative challenge at HOSTMilano 2017:

Berukstyte Urte with the Jumble Room project, an innovative area for food delivery
• Capobianco Dario with the project Coffea, the coffee habit 4.0
• Citi Stefano with the project Aldente, the Open Lab for preparing pasta
• Lanzillo Antonio with the project MMM!, an integrated service format for itinerant hospitality
• Orlandi Silvia with the project Co-Cooking restaurant, a restaurant where the consumer also becomes a chef
• Ostapova Elena with the project food BOX, an itinerant structure for healthy slow food
• Pagetti Federico with the project U CLUB, a service hub tailored to the different needs of the user
• Sani Francesco with the project TEMPHOTEL, three types of Temporary Hotel
• Seré Jeroen with the project COFFEE YOU GO, a pop-up bar for public spaces
• Simonelli Simone, with the project DAILY FRESH BREAD PLUS INGREDIENTS IN A NEARBY 24/H LIVING SPACE, a network of retail outlets where you can buy and consume products at km 0

The 10 designers selected by the Commission will participate in the show teaching as team leader and will receive an attendance fee of € 1.000 for the development of the project.
The winning team will be awarded with a cash prize for the leading designer and vouchers for cultural services for the rest of the team (total prize € 3.000).

The award ceremony is scheduled for Monday, October 23, at 3:00 pm at HOSTMilano 2017, Innovation Gallery – Pad.10, stand H76 L89.

The international call enters the second phase: for the 21 selected designers the challenge is still open

117 applications received in response to HOSThinking – 10 Designer for 100 Prodotti Open Call, launched by HOSTMilano and

The challenge attracted designers from all over the world. Russia, Sweden, Turkey, Iran, Macedonia, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Argentina, Japan, China and Indonesia, countries involved beyond Italy.

The first selection by the Committee identified 21 candidates admitted to the second phase of the competition:

1. Bekradi Hamid (Iran)
2. Berukstyte Urte (Sweden)
3. Calabrese Graziana (Italy)
4. Capobianco Dario (Italy)
5. Citi Stefano (South Africa)
6. Emili Chiara (Italy)
7. Fasola Marco (Italy)
8. Fioravanti Matteo (Italy)
9. Frers Silvestre (Argentina)
10. Fumagalli Paolo Maria (Italy)
11. Jeroen Seré (Belgio)
12. Lanzillo Antonio (Italy)
13. Orlandi Silvia (Italy)
14. Ostapova Elena (Russia)
15. Pagetti Federico (Italy)
16. Salvatore Martina (Italy)
17. Sani Francesco (Italy)
18. Scoccia Margherita (Italy)
19. Simonelli Simone (Italy)
20. Tosi Chiara (Italy)
21. Zoggia Massimiliano (Italy)

The semifinalists now have two months to illustrate through digital elaborations, rendered views and descriptions, the solutions designed to propose new experiences and scenarios of hospitality use.

The jury will identify the 10 most valuable projects to be developed during HOSTMilano 2017, scheduled from October 20 to 24, 2017.

The finalist designers will challenge themselves in a real design session at the exhibition halls, selecting 100 products from around 2.000 exhibitors at the event.
A creative activity, supervised by Mentors, designed to create innovative conceptions of hospitality, which combine service and experience, products and space.

Appointment then to August 30 to know the names of the 10 designers called to create the future of hospitality.

• The 10 designers selected by the Commission will participate in the show teaching as team leader and will receive an attendance fee of € 1.000 for the development of the project.
• The winning team will be awarded with a cash prize for the leading designer and vouchers for cultural services for the rest of the team (total prize € 3.000).

We are looking for hospitality professionals.

Do you want to speak your mind about hospitality?
Do you want to be the leader of a creative team?
Are you ready to show your creativity in a live design session?

HOSTMilano and launch the innovation challenge for designers and creatives from all over the world: the new ideas selected for HOSTMilano 2017 will become the subject of a creative event that will be held in the exhibition halls.

The exhibitors will be the true inspiration of the projects.
Design for practicing hospitality: designers will select 100 product solutions from among the more than 2.000 exhibitors at the fair for creating new hospitality experiences and use scenarios (formats of interior design, for food, for retail, for the hotel industry, as well as furniture, tableware and living products, etc.). The creative activity, carried out live, must be connected to concepts that combine service and experience, products offered and living spaces.

The exhibition will become a “live” creative catalogue for designers, allowing the audience to be actively involved and stimulating the use and experimentation of products at the fair.

10 Designer per 100 Prodotti is the new formula that has been chosen to give the Designers the possibility to develop their projects “live” at HOSTMilano 2017 at Rho Fieramilano from October 20 to 24.

This event follows two successful editions of HOSThinking, a design award: an international competition with candidates participating from all over the world that produced results beyond expectations.

Mentors from Politecnico di Milano, exhibiting companies, young international designers and students will give life to a show teaching immersed within the event. A unique challenge which includes a prize for the most innovative ideas.

The final point of the show teaching will be the presentation to businesses and to the HOSTMilano public of true images (storyboards, 3D renderings and video simulations) of the manners of use of space and the designed service.

The initiative will animate the space devoted to the by now long-standing collaboration between and HOSTMilano, traditionally used for SMART Label, the award for innovation in the professional hospitality sector.

All that’s left to do is waiting until next October and the inauguration of HOSTMilano 2017 to find out the names of the 10 designers invited to design the future with 100 new products.

HOSTMilano 2017
HOSTMilano is the leading world event for the Ho.Re.Ca., food service, retail, large distribution and hotel sectors. The 40th edition is scheduled from 20 to 24 October 2017 at Fieramilano. It is the privileged reference point for all hospitality industry professionals and for learning about companies’ new products and innovations and new market trends: all thanks to the constant interaction with exceptional and high-profile partners (such as associations, institutions and stakeholders); at HOSTMilano more than 2.000 national and international companies from 47 Countries are exhibitors. The event is divided into three macro-areas: Furniture and Tables; Professional Catering and Bread, Pizza, Pasta, Coffee and Tea; Bars, Coffee machines, Vending machines, Ice Cream and Bakeries.
The last edition had over 1.500 hosted buyers and 150.968 professional operators in the industry, including 60.383 foreigners from 172 countries.
Tradition, innovation, quality, and networking with companies and institutions are the pillars of making it a worldwide point of reference for postgraduate training. Together with the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano and the Department of Design it forms the Design System of Politecnico di Milano, which is an aggregation of resources, expertise, facilities and laboratories, among the most important in the world. develops training for young graduates and professionals as well as training for enterprises with a definite focus on innovation. It operates in the perspective of internationalization, establishing partnerships with universities, schools, organizations, institutions, and companies.

10 Designer per 100 Prodotti
International open call aimed at Italian and Foreign designers
Promoted by Host – Fiera Milano and
Deadline application Phase 1: May 2, 2017
Deadline Phase 2: August 30, 2017
• The 10 designers selected by the Commission will participate in the show teaching as team leader and will receive an attendance fee of € 1.000 for the development of the project.
• The winning team will be awarded with a cash prize for the leading designer and vouchers for cultural services for the rest of the team (total prize € 3.000).

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