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Smart Label 2019

The 2019 edition confirms the vitality of the Ho.Re.Ca. and retail sector by assigning over 50 labels.

Meet us at HOSTMilano 2019 for the exhibition of the smartest and most innovative products and for the 7 DESIGN TALK HOST 2019, the in-depth seminars for architects and industry experts

31 May 2019
Announcement and registration procedures

Talking about professional hospitality means dealing with innovation: the sector has always been in step with current technological developments and is constantly tuned to market trends and user needs.

The results of SMART Label 2019, the initiative promoted by HOSTMilano and, photograph and confirm this situation by rewarding over 60 companies registered with HOSTMilano 2019, the world’s leading event in the fileds of Ho.Re.Ca. foodservice, retail, GDO and hotellerie, scheduled from 18 to 22 October 2019 in Rho Fiera Milano.

In particular, 56 companies have been awarded with the SMART Label, selected on three different categories.
To win the special award for Innovation SMART Label, dedicated to products with a high content of innovation, ATA companies, Euroengel srl. CastelMAC S.P.A., Ifi S.p.A., NSF International and StableTable Scandinavia AB.
Instead, three awards have been awarded for Green SMART Label, a prize for products with high innovation content and distinctive features compared to the industry trend in terms of energy savings, environmental compatibility and sustainability, to de Jong DUKE, ECODYGER SRL SOCIETA ‘BENEFIT, LSA International.

Finally, 47 products won the SMART Label award thanks to the creation of products capable of determining significant evolutions in the reference sectors of their company: Alto-Shaam, Angelo Po Grandi Cucine Spa, Beanscorp Co., Ltd (T/A CAFFLANO), Bravo Spa, BURLODGE SRL, Calligaris SPA, Cellografica Gerosa Spa, Churchill China, COMENDA ALI GROUP SRL, CONTRAL SRL, DaloLindén AB, Dishcovery srl, Duvall Espresso, Eggcting Products, Electrolux Professional Spa, Epta, ETC GROUP S.r.l., Eureka – Conti Valerio Srl, EVCO SpA, GASTRO PRODUCTION s.r.o., Gastros Switzerland AG, Iberital, Klarco S.r.l., KRUPPS SRL, La Marzocco S.r.l., MC FORNI, Moretti Forni Spa, NEXT COOKING GENERATION SRL, NEXTIS4US, Pengo SpA, QUALITYFRY, Rancilio Group S.p.A con socio unico, RATIONAL Italia srl, RCR Cristalleria Italiana spa, Rieber GmbH & Co. KG, ScanBox, Schneider GmbH, SCOLARO PARASOL, Smeg Spa, SOFINOR SAS, Spinoco Czech Republic, a. s., Stronghold Technology, Tech Life, tecnobeverage srl, UNOX s.p.a., Zerica srl e ZUMMO.

To the above awards are added, 5 SMART Label: Honorable mentions by Iginio Massari, to the companies: Blupura, Bevco, Kukki, Tea quiero e Fabbri.

The great response of SMART Label 2019 is underlined by 217 candidacies from different countries who, as tells us Gillian Crampton Smith, judge of this new edition,“presented products from those for large operations to devices for small businesses and artisan producers. Many of these include the use of smartphones or tablets for the user interface, allowing control over more complex activities and remote updating of operational and control functions. Others are able to connect directly to a remote support team for prevention and diagnostics”.

A wide proposal that confirms the success of the initiative and above all the continuous innovation of the market.
“Against the backdrop of the Third Industrial Revolution, the convergence between the Internet and the manufacturing industry is revealing the inexorable trend that has emerged in the SMART LABEL AWARD 2019. Focusing on the hospitality sector, characterized by a fusion of technologies, is showing a huge potential for innovation” comments the Deputy Director of the Design Intelligence Award committee office Fayun Zhu.

To evaluate the proposals, an international jury of experts composed of Matteo O. Ingaramo, Director General of, Francesco Zurlo, Deputy Dean of the School of Design of the Politecnico di Milano, Venanzio Arquilla, Associate Professor at the Polytechnic School of Design of Milan, Fayun Zhu, Deputy Director of the Design Intelligence Award committee office of the China Academy of Art, Gillian Crampton Smith, Honorary Professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam, Shujoy Chakraborty, Director of the Master in Spatial Design and Scientific Coordinator of the sector Design de Meios Interativos (DMI) at the University of Madeira (UMa) and Master Iginio Massari, considered one of the best pastry chefs of our times.

Shujoy Chakraborty sums us some of the trends in this edition: “Coffee seems to be one of the main themes, perhaps because it is undergoing a major transformation, moving from experience as a drink to an experience of technological innovation. Manufacturers are implementing IoT to offer precision and customization even to beer rituals and to demystify beverage chemistry”.
“In addition to coffee, the integration of IoT in many household appliances in the category, for maintenance and to have greater control over the food preparation process, is an indicator of the transformation of the professional kitchen into an environment rich in technology – continues Chakraborty – Catering professionals will increasingly become a meeting point between high quality gastronomy and next generation interactive technologies”.

The products that have received Innovation SMART Label, Green SMART Label and SMART Label plaques will be included in the Smart Label Index catalog and exhibit at HOSTMilano 2019, where a dedicated exhibition will give further visibility to the awarded solutions.
An appointment that is enriched with the 7 DESIGN TALK seminars, a series of events that will allow architects and industry experts to discuss current topics, aimed at providing an innovative and user-centered approach with application content useful for the practice of the profession .
Organized by HOST and, the 7 seminars will offer new ideas for innovative solutions, tools deriving from big data analysis, new urban scenarios and implementation of new technologies

SMART Label – Host Innovation Award


Application deadline: 31 may 2019

A domotic door handle that welcomes guests and amazes them on arrival with easily recognisable, customisable and technologically advanced functions, presenting an interface that is both physical and cognitive. Tables designed to revolutionise the art of laying tableware, even in the most elegant kitchens. A suspended minibar among the finest in the world. Smart decanters that employ revolutionary technologies to enhance bouquet and aroma. New generation coffee capsules with an oxygen barrier, designed to maintain the organoleptic properties of coffee, customisable and compatible with the most widespread brands. And then we have universal printing systems for Plug & Play food systems that enable food products to be creatively manufactured according to custom requirements. These are just some of the “intelligent” solutions expressed by the world of hospitality businesses that have received the SMART Label award over the years, an honour dedicated to innovation in the field of professional hospitality promoted by the Host – Milan fair, in collaboration with and sponsored by ADI, the Association for Industrial Design. An award venue that returns with a new edition addressed to all the companies registered in HostMilano 2019, a world leading event in the hotel industry, which will present the latest news in terms of equipment, raw materials, equipment and semi-finished products from Friday 18 to Tuesday 22 October 2019 at Fiera Milano, Rho.

Indeed, HostMilano has become an unmissable two-year event for the discovery of new useful items for a successful hospitality business: from raw materials to semi-finished products, machinery, equipment, furniture and tableware. At the same time, attendees will be able to enjoy in-depth previews of future trends. And it is precisely the ability to capture future trends that is rewarded with SMART Label, an award that highlights and confirms the extreme vitality of a sector capable of continuously renewing itself, constantly improving and personalising its offer. 497 nominations have been collected in the last three editions, 156 companies have been honoured with the SMART Label and more than 20 special SMART Label Innovation awards to as many products capable of driving significant changes in the sectors of reference of many companies.

“The SMART Label numbers indicate how much this award has become a point of reference for identifying the best ‘smart’ solutions and products resulting from advanced scientific, technological and production processes with appreciable advantages for increasing quality of life” – claims Matteo Ingaramo, Director of – “I believe that awards such as this, which arise from an in-depth collaboration between institutions such as and Fiera Milano, are essential to stimulate and enhance innovative ideas capable of using technology in an advanced and useful manner, involving the appreciation of users and society . This is a positive vision that positions this initiative as the leading technological and commercial offer in the hospitality sector on a global scale”.

For 2019, SMART Label in 2019 envisages three award categories: Smart Label for products characterised by with innovative content, Innovation Smart Label for products with a high innovation content, disruptive solutions and which overcome consolidated trends in the sector and Green Smart Label for products with a high level of innovation and distinctive characteristics in terms of energy efficiency, environmental compatibility and eco-sustainability industry trends.
Two Special Mention categories have also been confirmed, they are destined for  products that stand out in the application of new materials that contribute to energy saving, energy recovery or for the introduction of digital connections between different products in an Internet of Things perspective aimed at improving interaction and use of individual products.
The winning entries will be awarded the “Label”, a truly distinctive plaque that will put them in the spotlight at Host 2019 and at any future promotional venues, and will enrol them in the Index of “Smart Products” at Host Milano 2019, where a dedicated exhibition and a specially designed itinerary will further raise the visibility of these SMART and innovative developments.

How to enter and judging 
Until April 29th 2019, the companies registered for Host Milano 2019 may candidate their own product or project under development, according to the procedures indicated on the website, by means of a dedicated digital template (no other forms of application will be accepted). Only one entry per company will be accepted.

The commission’s assessment criteria
The Commission will be composed of 5 members, selected among teachers, professionals and international experts, with proven experience or qualifications in the fields of Design, Hospitality and Energy Saving. The Commission will assess the candidate products/services/projects on the basis of the following fundamental elements: the functional efficiency of the product or service, the effectiveness of the product’s performance or the usability of the service, the degree of innovation of the usage approach and technologies, and the advantages for users.

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