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At Eataly the presentation of the new Higher Education Course in Brand and Retail Experience Design

The importance of designing and delivering valuable consumer experiences for branded companies and retailers. New skills and methodologies.

Wednesday 3rd, November 2021 | h. 5:30pm
Eataly, Milan

The presentation meeting of the new Higher Education Course in Brand and Retail Experience Design, managed by, becomes an opportunity to discuss the updating of skills and methodologies for brand, distribution, entertainment and service companies.

After the introduction by the chairman and Scientific Director of the Course Cabirio Cautela, the Technical Director Carlo Meo will present the objectives, motivations and didactic contents of the course.
In a logic of cross-interviewing, the two journalists Rossella De Stefano, Director of Bargiornale, and Marina Bassi, Chief Editor of Gdoweek and Mark Up, will delve into the theme for the relative competencies (retail vs. brand) with two companies represented by Marco d’Amico of Dimar (Selex) and Michele Cannone, Lavazza Global Brand Director Away from Home.

The event will take place in presence and it is expected a maximum capacity of 50 people. Alternatively, it will be possible to follow the event in streaming mode. To register and choose the mode of participation it is necessary to fill out the following form.


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