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Encuentro Creativo and three unmissable events about creativity, fashion and design will take part in three meetings during the event Encuentro Creativo, organised by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Mexico and the Italian Embassy in Mexico

From 18th to 22nd October and from 25th to 29th October the Encuentro Creativo project will be held, organised by the Camera de Comercio Italiana en Mexico, of which has recently become a partner, and the Italian Embassy in Mexico, with the participation of leading partners including Italian universities, influencers, media and entrepreneurs.

The project aims to bring the Mexican and Italian worlds closer together and to encourage students to undertake undergraduate or postgraduate courses at universities in Italy, one of the most popular fashion and design destinations in the world, promoting not only academic but also cultural exchanges.

The event is an unmissable opportunity to come into contact with experts and meet leading faculties in the fields of fashion design, marketing, communication, graphic and textile design. The speeches will be moderated by Gustavo Prado, a master in topics of design, trends, entrepreneurship and fashion. One of the driving forces at national level in encouraging young Mexicans to follow the path of their dreams, he gives creative dynamics in his conferences and courses. will take part in the event with three speeches (on 18, 19 and 20 October), which will deal with topics related to the fashion and design sector and which will see as speakers the Professors and, as ambassadors, the students of some masters linked to these worlds.


18 October at 4:00pm CEST
Design Management for the Luxury Sector – New Trends in Retail Design
Specializing Master in Premium Design Management
Professor Lorenzo Morganti
Ambassador Alexa Rodriguez

Today sustainability, in all its meanings, has become the necessary pre-requisite of every project and the push that fashion brands receive from their customers isn’t simply changing the products but also the processes and even the ways in which companies show and sell their merchandise. The Italian National Chamber of Fashion has recently published its guidelines to “Sustainability in retail”, which, far from being an all-encompassing text, has fostered a new sensibility, highlighting the relevance of store design in the overall management of a company’s sustainability goals. Few basic theoretical principles will thus be discussed to in order to sketch out the current scenarios in sustainability for store design. The latest trends in retail design are thus striving in many ways to promote a new kind of sustainable store design, between green-washing and real commitment.

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19 October at 4:00PM CEST
Accessory Design: Creativity and Innovation

Specializing Master in Fashion Creation: Accessory Design
Professor Susanna Testa

Ambassador Ramirez Nanguce Norica and Diana Lara

Today, accessories define fashion. In this sector, the Italian tradition has distant roots. From traditional materials to the intersection with the new, from craftsmanship to the use of digital technologies: Italian accessories are manifestations of beauty and well-made, capable of transcending fashions and style – while representing contemporary sensitivity and being consistent with the spirit of the times. This is why fashion brands are giving more and more importance to accessories in its multiple interpretations that require dedicated professionals.

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20 October at 6:00pm CEST
Round Table Sustainability in Fashion Design
Professor Giovanni Maria Conti, Professor Martina Motta, Paola Galdi, Ricardo Bello Bolio and Pedro Gongora

The presentation will show how the approach to sustainability is changing the fashion world both from the point of view of production (processes) and of the final product (design). Through case studies, we will try to show how brands in Italy and Europe are renewing and modifying their way of “making fashion”. Moreover, thanks to the presence of the Mexican partners Ricardo Bello Bolio and Pedro Gongora, we will tell about the collaboration between Italy and Yucatan in the field of design projects, such as Diseño Yucatán.

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Watch the video from the famous Mexican programme La Saga, in which the presenter Adela Micha, the Italian Ambassador Luigi de Chiara and the President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Mexico Lorenzo Vianello presented the Encuentro Creativo project.



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