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Master Class with Stefano Marzano

Stefano Marzano | Architect and Designer | July 18 2022

Innovation: Unexpected Consequences | July 18 2022 | 5:30pm

The industrial revolution initiated an exponential acceleration of technological developments, societal transformations, geopolitical drivers and global economies.

Today we acknowledge that this exponential acceleration confronts the world with unprecedented challenges that demand for a reframing of our idea of progress, sustainability of our life, economies and ecosystem.

We all in the world need to act at all levels to revert many of the developments in progress, reframe the idea of a desirable future and respond to the urgency of climate change and scarce resources.

We need to improve innovation processes and adopt more preventive strategies for a safer and responsible sustainable future.

Stefano Marzano

Business Week (USA) named Stefano Marzano one of the four global ‘Best Leaders of 2005’ for Innovation.

Marzano graduated from the Milan Polytechnic Institute with a Doctorate in Architecture. He has received two honorary Doctorates in Design, Honoris Causa, the first from University ‘La Sapienza’ in Rome, Italy (2008) and the second from the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong (2009).

From 1991 to 2011 Marzano was the Chief Design Officer and Executive Vice President of Royal Philips.

In 2012 he took up the position of Chief Design Officer and a member of the Group Management of the Electrolux Group.

He is since 2011 the founding Dean of THNK, The Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership. He is Visiting Professor of the Milan Polytechnic and of the Sapienza University of Rome.

The Master Classes Project Massive Design Changes: the evolution of Design practices – the Masters’ standpoint”

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Master Class with Franco Guidi

Franco Guidi | Owner of Lombardini22 | September 20, 2022

Master Class with Stefano Marzano

Stefano Marzano | Architect and Designer | July 18 2022

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