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  • Interior Design and Architecture
Higher Education Course

Olfactive Design



Smell and spaces are correlated. Odours travel through space through air and moisture, wood or laminates, telling past stories, anticipating the future to come. Scent can attract or repel, can convey comfort or anxiety, create powerful memories. Smells are linked to places as well as to nature, to divinity, to illness, to sex, to food, to the everyday, to the extraordinary, to the evanescent, to life!

The “Design of the Invisible,” related to smell, is not a monopoly of the beauty and perfumery industry. Perfume, with all its ramifications, also belongs to Architects, Designers, Anthropologists, Sociologists, Psychologists. Professionals who, like all of us, are constantly immersed in the daily invasion of the smells that surround us, from the delicious to the repulsive.

The Olfactive Design Course will investigate the olfactory territories of places, objects and materials, including its historical evolution, imagining new scenarios, creating new experiences, in one of the least explored and exciting fields of Design of all time.

In our new world, “sensoriality” plays an important balancing and emotional role. Today’s hierarchy of senses must be revised and Design in all its forms must encourage the incorporation of olfaction into its creative process.


Scientific Directors: prof. Anna Barbara and Roger Schmid


Anna Barbara Scientific Director
Roger Schmid Scientific Director


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80 hours. One day a week – 4 hours a day – Wednesday (14/18 pm- Italian time)

The lessons will be held in blended mode. Classes take place in person but students who will not be able to move to Milan may attend online in a syncronous mode.

Didactic Plan

The expected duration is from October 12, 2022 to March 29, 2023 for a total of 80 hours.

This higher Education Course provides the tools and design skills, the method, to become an Olfactive Designer.

It’s a professional profile in demand by the world of hospitality, retail, interior design, branding, manufacturing, as well as in the experience sector, from museums to entertainment.

This course is the first in the world dedicated entirely to the education and training of future Olfactive Designers. Upon completion, their newly acquired unique skills will enable them to communicate constructively with Designer Studios, Companies, Installation Engineers, Marketing Departments, on how to incorporate scent in design in a creative and innovative way.

The Professional, trained through this course, will be able to act as a Olfactive Designer for Hotel chains, Retail, Factories, Entertainment and other Institutions that understand the potential and power of olfaction as a stimulus, a signature and point of difference.

Future Olfactive Designer will be able to consult for companies that deal with indoor air quality, for residential and office environments, in the choice of materials that may absorb or diffuse odor, mal-odor neutralization, antibacterial efficiency as well as for players in emotional marketing.

The Course is addressed to Architects, Designers, Interior Decorators and Professionals, to give a comprehensive knowledge and mastery of the olfactive world, enabling them to integrate olfaction into design of spaces.

Special consideration will be given in the program to international and multi-cultural elements, from climate to habits.
Sectors of application include, but are not limited, to:

– Retail
– Hospitality
– Factories
– Schools
– Transport
– Home Decoration
– Event Industry
– Branding
– etc.

Each student will receive a customized Olfactive Kit as both, a learning instrument and a tool for remote practical exercises coordinated by the teachers. The students will be introduced to partnering international companies related to the field of study.

Didactic Modules

This higher Education Course provides the methodological tools and the design skills to become an Olfactive Designer, with professional applications that range from interior design to product.

The Course content consist of:

– 8 Modules in blended learning divided into Introduction, Olfactive Neuroscience, Olfactive Chemistry, Olfactive Displays, Ventilation, Olfactive Spatial Design, Olfactive Art and Project.

Title Released

At the end of the course, students who will have attended for at least 80% of the total hours will obtain a frequency open badge to the course released by

At the end of the Higher Education Course will be issued an attendance certificate in Olfacitve Design by reserves the right not to activate the course in case the minimum number of enrolled students will be reached or in case the requirements in terms of didactic, logistic, administrative support, etc. will fail for any reason.

Employment Opportunities “Olfactive Design Course” is the first Course in the world dedicated to Designers and Architects. It is consequently not related to the world of Cosmetics and Perfumes, Personal Care or Cleaning products. It is aimed at Designers who interact with the invisible dimension of air, building materials and their qualities.

Participants will acquire design skills that will enable them to create new experiences and concepts.

Having had access to Specialists (Noses, Chemists, Inventors, Regulatory Experts) they will understand the opportunities offered by scent, processes and application challenges, and will as a result be able to offer new creative ideas to their clients and their public.



The course is intended for students, technical graduated and non-graduated professionals who wish to know the principles and methodologies of olfactive design.


The participation fee must be paid in a single solution.

The cost of the whole course is 2.000 € + VAT.


Scientific Directors: prof. Anna Barbara and Roger Schmid

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Anna Barbara Scientific Director
Roger Schmid Scientific Director