Lighting Design & Technology
First-level Specializing Master at the Politecnico di Milano
XVIII Edition - in English
September 2020

Alumni interviews on our YouTube Channel:

S. Garofalo, iGuzzini


L. Pelliccia, Artemide


J. Abi Karam, iGuzzini


C. Blanco, Ideaworks


B. Büküm, Osram


A. Abou Antoun, iGuzzini


A. Sainz, Performance in Lighting

C. Jouffre, Ponctuelle


T. Majzoub, Hilights


O. Tawakol, Altawakol-NTT


P. Pierri, ERCO


Chi To Lee, Cundall - Light4


L. Sghirlanzoni, Artemide


B. Bacak, Fagerhult


A. Anelli, ERCO


Carmona/Meza, Oh My Light!


D. Medina, freelance


D. Çakır, Lighting Design


C. Dökmen, freelance


S. Kucukkolbasi, ZKLD


R. Gutierrez, iGuzzini


N. Machado, iGuzzini


P. Pietrantoni, Onelux


C. Sterzi, Studio ZNA


V. Mujezinovic, Metis


R. Markovic, Artemide


S. Van Hove, Studio Farris


L. Salas, Studio Luca Salas


M. Petrucci, Studio Castiglioni


M. Zani, Studio Castiglioni


Piero Peruzzi, Disano


Roberta Figini, Zumtobel


S. Kalogeropoulos, Balestrieri


Matteo Facciolla, Viabizzuno


L. Moreni, Studio B. Balestreri


A. Faulkner, Studio Ida Luce


F. Carassai, Studio Pollice


D. Turrici, Ferrara Palladino


Fabio Russo, Luceplan


Simona Porta, Luceplan


Riccardo Bombarda, iGuzzini


Stefano Amabile, iGuzzini

Eleonora Cortese, Artemide

Silvia Consolini, Artemide


Emanuele Bertani, Castaldi


Alice Marzella, Castaldi

Diego Ambrosi, Disano

Interview whit ex-alumni:

Alice M. - Bachelor in Interior Design, Politecnico di Milano. Currently employed by Castaldi Lighting 
"Without the skills learned during the Master I think I would have been unable to find employment after only a month after the end of the same: let's say that it was a good investment!" 

Cristina C. - Degree in Architecture, Politecnico di Milano. Currently Key account at Osram Opto Semiconductors
"I started in March of 2013: this is a tough job especially regarding to the technical part; the basis given by the Master were more than helpful and I can not claim to be satisfied."

Diego A. - Industrial design bachelor
"I had the possibility to see the Lighting Design world through the comparison with the other young professional participants and passionate students.It keeps my spirit high!!" 

Danilo P. - Engineering bachelor, Politecnico di Milano
"For Master I had 2 expectations: to deepen the technical light aspects and keep in touch with the sector professionals. I'm pleased with the Master results!"

Emanuele B. - Industrial design bachelor, Politecnico di Milano
"The most important thing that i' ve received are the basis for a different approach and method throug whom work." 

Veronica C. - Landscape architecture bachelor
"I had excellents technical and artistic basis. This allowed me to experiment with professor sector professionals and to know a lot of people that now are friends and colleagues."

Matteo F. - Architecture bachelor
"I advise the Lighting design Master because It introduced me to the Lighting world, help me to work with other professionals students and professors and give me a good body of knowledge"

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Lighting Design & Technology


Tuition and Fees

The total cost of the Master is 9.990 €.

  • technical foundations and tools
  • get in touch with professionals and companies
  • develop projects
  • test yourself
Teaching Plan

The Specializing Master will begin in September 2020 and will end in February 2022.

Venue, Via Don Giovanni Verità, 25 - 20158 Milan

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