Yacht Design
First-level Specializing Master at the Politecnico di Milano, organized by POLI.design
XX Edition - in English
February, 2021


XXVII edition of the Specializing Master, during the interneship

Sara Pitoni, Architect, technical office CRN - Ferretti Group
“During my internship, I had the honor to work, with my tutor, on Riva projects for the feasibility of some interior spaces and for crew accommodation plan according to with Register rules. My principal tasks during this stage are the revision of general plans and modify interior layouts. I studied the synergy between the structures, systems and interior furniture, which certainly contributed to greatly enrich my cultural baggage, having the possibility to participate in meetings between the technical office and suppliers too. Having an Architecture background got during my five years at the Master degree, it wasn't so easy to start in this field, but thanks to this Master I had the opportunity to come in touch with this company and get the basic know-how to undertake this journey. Special thanks to my tutor and some nice colleagues that taught me a lot about furniture components, structures, systems and all the design process necessary to reach the goal.”
Federico Gerbino, Interior Designer, industrial engineering office CRN - Ferretti Group
“From the very first day, I was thrown into the production area with the task of monitoring the feasibility of the interior and exterior arrangement on board aiming to achieve the goals the CRN had established with the customers.
With my tutor, the industrial engineering specialist, I am actually working all day on board of every boat the shipyard is building. I can’t spoil you anything, but each of them is a real masterpiece!
MYD has provided me with the right technical and soft skills that have allowed me to understand the problems related to the project that we have on board, I also learned how to operate within this new context, how to share information within a team and I also developed the ability to deal with issues under the pressure of deadlines set.
Working in a shipyard like CRN has shown me and it has given me the right tools to build a full custom yacht. Here, I have the opportunity to improve my technical knowledge, my problem-solving skills and, by working on board, I had the possibility to cooperate with every supplier and to better understand how the interior space should be designed, considering both aesthetics and feasibility. During this fundamental period, I’m learning to solve smaller issues finding quickly an effective solution if something goes wrong during the construction."
Chrysa Vlachou, Naval engineer, design office Ceccarelli Yacht Design
“I am part of the design team and am involved in several projects currently developed by the studio. Familiarization with programs like Maxsurf, Rhino, Autocad and focus on specific steps of the yacht design process are some of the skills I developed during the master which are helping me being effective in my daily work. Being a member of a small design studio gives me the opportunity to follow up with various steps and have a better overview of the whole design process, from concept design stage till finalizing the technical drawings for the shipyard.”
Arturo Bono, product designer, and Giovanni Bandera, Architect, Technical office ICE Yacht
“The interest for yacht design grown up sailing and we decided to make our work our passion and vice versa. Among the various internship opportunities, we chose ICE Yacht shipyard believing on his formative offer and following the entire production process, from drawings to construction. Nowadays we are working as junior project manager on both catamarans line and mono-hull line, following the all-around production, from materials supplying to the relationship with the design office, workers and ship-owners.
Although the Master teaching has been very useful and has provided us the solid foundations necessary to enter the world of work, we believe that the experience of the internship is giving us the opportunity to grow professionally and personally, making us effectively the professionals of the sector.”
Nikol Naz Lebbink, interior designer, design studio Marco Ciampa – Maori Yacht
“During my internship experience, I have been working on the new Maori  yacht 54ft Hardtop version inter or layout. While working on this project I was able to use the theoretical knowledge MYD gave me and to combining it with the Marketing needs of the work life.
Besides this, customization has also a really big role in this studio. So, new layout arrangements, additional details or material changes are done according to the customers need and taste. The opportunity to analyze the theoretical information and to apply them  in the real work, the representation of different ideas and design and the visits in the shipyard to supervise the production process, helped me a lot  during the internship to follow and understand how a shipyard workflow is organized.” 
Mario Calani, interior designer,  Test and Delivery Department CRN – Ferretti Group
“Our job is to check and test all the systems on board the boats, from the smallest items of the accommodation areas to the bigger machinery of the engine room. We also check the production process following the drawings and, of course, we are the main protagonists during the sea trials. In fact, the head of our office is the captain of the shipyard.
The best thing about this experience is that I’m improving my knowledge regarding the systems I’ve got during the Master class, I can touch and see how everything is really done and how it works. Later this experience could be useful during the design process to avoid the appearance of errors during the construction of the yacht.”

Download Students Interviews (in Italian): interviews.pdf

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Tuition and Fees

Total charges for the Specializing Master are € 13.000,00.

  • Operate in terms of problem setting and problem solving in the yachting market
  • Interior design for yachts
  • Organize production and manage a shipyard
  • Develop the ability to work in groups and to present oneself in the world of professions
Teaching Plan

The Specializing Master will begin in February 2021 and will end in February 2022.


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