POLI.design meets Brazil


SENAI Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Industrial is the organization for Brazilian Industrial Training and Innovation which operates in a network of not-for-profit secondary level professional schools established and maintained by the Brazilian Confederation of Industry (a patronal syndicate). SENAI is one of the most important institutions in the country providing formal training for specialized workers for the industry, in the areas of chemistry, mechanics, construction, etc.
POLI.design operates with SENAI to develop a strategic plan for the inclusion of Design Innovation in the Brazilian policies aiming at empowering the whole Brazilian business system.
The program SENAI for Business Innovation consists of two main actions: Design Innovation Consultancy and Experimental Activities with selected Brazilian companies and Italian designers.
Design Innovation Consultancy consists in coaching and counseling activities concerning knowledge transfer to SENAI in order to train a number of specialist consultants able to work on innovation, with special attention to design, located in 8 main regional clusters (Parana, Rio Grande do Sul, Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Pernambuco, Santa Catarina, Goiás, Espírito Santo).
The Experimental Activities involve selected italian designers and SENAI consultants aiming at analyse the design innovative potential in brazilian companies.

Results of the selection of candidates.

At the end of the evaluation of the project " POLI.design meets Brazil" , which has received over 450 request of candidates, POLI.design is pleased to announce the selected names of professionals and design studios:
Marco Angelini - www.angelinimarco.it/

Alberto Manzoni - Studio Mayday design - www.maydaydesign.it/

Riccardo Berrone - Collettivo AUT - www.98800.org/aut/

Nicola Zanetti - Studio SegnoInverso - www.segnoinverso.com/

Feberico Elli - Marco Febbo - Studio _ Blank - www.aboutblankproject.com/

Riccarco Gatti - www.corsirhino.it

Edoardo Perri - Dario Riva - WhoMade - www.whomade.it/

Alberto Villa - Studio DesignsuMisura - http://www.designsumisura.it/

Paolo Chiorino

Daniela Maurer - http://www.danielamaurer.eu/

The selection was specifically aimed at assigning the most suitable matches between the profiles of the candidates and Brazilian companies that are participating at the project, in order to develop better projects, which have strong technical / technological characteristics and are largely related to the field of industrial product and communication / packaging.
Determining factors in the selection of the winners were:
Quality of the portfolio;
Both national and international project and research/study experiences already accrued on the themes that are going to be developed with the Brazilian companies,
Management experiences of interdisciplinary projects,
Language Skills. ​​