Service Design
The first Specializing Master in Service Design at the Politecnico di Milano
IX Edizione - in lingua inglese
Novembre 2021

DEADLINE: 17 maggio 2021

The Master's program includes a series of Foundation courses, during which additional content related to the general topics covered during the Specializing Master will be provided. The release of CFU/ETCS is not foreseen.
During this period, it will be possible to meet professors to carry out the selection interviews and to send your application to finalize the registration for the Specializing Master.
Start of preparatory activities: 19/10/20
Start of didactic activity with CFU/ETCS: 01/25/21
Deadline to send the application: 12/18/2020
The contemporary society has changed a lot in the last decade, accompanied by a substantial technological empowerment and important societal and economic transformations.
Throughout our daily lives, we increasingly get in touch with a huge variety of services provided to different users and contexts, which involve different types of innovation in many fields: mobility, health, finance, insurance, tourism, hospitality, and education, just to mention few. These experiences and performances need to be designed to create value for citizens, firms, not for profit organisations, public administrations as well as governments.
The Specializing Master in Service Design was especially created in response to the growing demand for professionals specifically able to handle the complexity of designing a service. To achieve this purpose, the Specializing Master programme integrates general theory with methodology and hands-on experience aimed at the creation of systemic, complex solutions that blend material and immaterial components.


The Master in Service Design is an international training programme – taught entirely in English – focused on a user-centred approach, and the development of service ideas from contextual research to prototyping.
The overall idea behind the Master stems from the awareness of the significant changes that have occurred in the development and delivery of services and products by companies and public-sector organizations, and the radical impact that these changes are producing on professional skills and corporate capabilities.
It is thus essential to train professionals who can build and manage new physical and virtual patterns of service experience and interaction.
The complexity of conceiving, developing, and delivering a service requires innovation culturecreative thinking, and cultural exchange.
In order to strengthen the student's abilities, the Master program relies on an educational model that merges the acquisition of broad and multifaceted methodological knowledge and a learning-by-doing approach through:
  • multidisciplinary modules
  • experimental projects with real companies coordinated by international academics and professionals
  • service prototyping

The objectives of the Specializing Master are:

  • to provide the specific training required to refine the design skills of students who have already acquired experience in the design sector;
  • to enhance the basic skills of students with a background in other disciplines by furnishing them with theoretical knowledge and practical experience in service design;
  • to furnish the means necessary to enhance the professional experience of students already in employment.

Job description and final assessment

The Specializing Master in Service Design trains specialists in the design of services for firms and publicsector organizations.
The programme’s overall objectives are to produce experts and consultants with a solid design culture, vision, and the ability to design, manage, and organize the conception and implementation of a service. It also aims to develop innovation and entrepreneurship.
On conclusion of the programme, the participants will be able to:
  Devise systemic innovation models for services
 Deploy theoretical skills to operate with complex system
 Use specific service design tools and manage redesign

Observe & Analyse user experience to construct a user-centred vision of complex interactions


Manage service conception, design and development

 Foster entrepreneurship
Numerous employment opportunities are available to graduates from the Specializing Master in Service Design.
Potential roles include:
  • service designer as a specialized consultant at a design agency;
  • service designer as a consultant or employee of public-sector organizations, research centres, enterprises and authorities;
  • service designer as a consultant or employee of private-sector organizations, research centres, companies and organizations;
  • service designer as a freelance or self-employednprofessional (start-up).

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Service Design


Il costo complessivo è di € 15.500 per allievo.
Per studenti Politecnico di Milano, € 14.000.
deadline: 31 marzo 2021
Obiettivi Formativi
  • progettare, gestire e organizzare la progettazione e l'implementazione di un servizio
  • sviluppare l'innovazione e l'imprenditorialità
Inizio: Novembre 2021
Fine: Dicembre 2022
Sede, Via Don Giovanni Verità, 25 - 20158 Milano

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