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Green Projects - Design workshop

The Design Workshop, conceived together with, consists of a project activity conducted by a team of selected designers, led by a Mentor and Tutor from the Politecnico di Milano.

22 June 2017

“Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed”

Insert new products in the Green Projects line of Idea Plast, a company that, for years, has been working in the plastics sector, dealing with activities ranging from the design to the production of plastic products, obtained with different technologies: this is the goal of designers who worked together with the company and at starting from November 2017.

All respecting the mission of Idea Plast, namely to provide its customers with “turnkey” solutions: from design to the finished product/article. The workshop was linked to Green Projects, the Idea Plast sector aimed at the Green Economy, with particular reference to and focus on the reuse, in their second life, of the plastic materials. The recovery and reuse of these materials have been reasons of pride in many projects for the company and, in recent years, have been transformed into an important asset. The Mission of the Green Projects staff is to give new life to plastic, even when it becomes waste, with the important motto: “Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed”.

The Design Workshop, conceived together with, consists of a project activity conducted by a team of selected designers, led by a Mentor and Tutor from the Politecnico di Milano. Starting from the production possibilities and semi-finished products in Recycled Second Life Plastic, innovative solutions have been identified for the evolution of installations within public parks, with particular attention to the inclusive and all-encompassing characteristics (disabled and over 14).  Particular attention has been given to the themes of eco-sustainability: from the choice of materials for a correct end-life of a product, to the use of a new generation of Second Life plastics that, in addition to the ecological benefit, also offer an economic advantage, in line with the Circular Economy.

During the workshop the company’s values, history and numbers were explained and there were three consecutive phases:
Phase A – Desk research and analysis of trends and best practices regarding park furniture and games, Recycled Second Life Plastic, best practices and similar for inclusive and all-encompassing projects, as well as identifying possible project scenarios on which to base the subsequent developments with a broad view of the ‘park of the future’;
Phase B – Idea Generation: the designers worked on the generation of design concepts consistent with the results of the previous research phase and with the potentials and possibilities of production and feasibility, presenting the layout and architecture;
Phase C – Concept development: the designers developed the concepts, with the support of Ideaplast, through a further study of the feasibility aspects through the available production techniques.

The Idea Plast Workshop in collaboration with ended on June 22nd.

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