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Executive Course / X edition

Service Design For Systemic Change

2.500 €
Duration : 52h
8 May. 2024 - 15 Jun. 2024
Available seats : 20


To deal competitively with the complexity of the production, economic and social models in which we act, companies, public administrations, as well as startups and individual professionals need an expansion of their design, organizational and executive skills.

In this rapidly changing scenario, also the Service Design approach is evolving thanks to the contribution of new trends of research and experimentation, integrating additional extra-disciplinary contributions that are useful in facing increasingly articulated design challenges.

The course therefore proposes an advanced view of the Service Design approach, process, and tools, thus supporting professionals and businesses to adopt a systemic approach that goes beyond the physical and digital singular experience, but includes speculative, strategic, and impact aspects in the design.



Stefano Maffei Director
Francesca Foglieni Technical Director
Cristiana Moriconi Didactic Coordinator


Training objectives

This course provides training that updates the professional skills and tools of Service Design to meet today’s social, economic, and environmental challenges on both the small and large scale. Indeed, the role of the service designer is no longer intended to be limited to designing effective and desirable service experiences, but rather to strengthen its transformative role able to read, interpret and respond to current and future needs through solutions that consider all elements of the system and its impact on different scales.

Over the course, industry experts and qualified lecturers will address some of today’s most hotly debated issues in service design internationally, sharing approaches, methodologies and functional tools for systemic and speculative design, data-driven service definition, and impact measurement.

The course goal is to provide advanced service design skills for anyone who is already working in the fields of design, marketing, and management, anyone who connects to design issues from a human resources perspective, anyone involved in strategic consulting, and anyone who wants to strengthen their entrepreneurial skills.

Didactic Plan

The new course has an education plan integrating methodological skills with both core-subject and extra-discipline insights.

The educational content consists of an online training path (35 hours total) composed of 5 online sessions, each lasting 7 hours and distributed over 2 days (Wednesdays from 5 to 8 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.) and an in-person Design Jam (optional) organized over 2.5 consecutive days (17 hours total).

The Design Jam will be held at Cascina Cuccagna, Via Privata Cuccagna, 2/4, Milano.

Didactic Modules

This course implements a training model that supplements methodological skills with both disciplinary and extra-disciplinary insights to update the basic contents of Service Design.

Online Course:

MODULE 1 – Service design landscape – May 8 and 11, 2024
The first module introduces participants to the role of Service Design in innovation and transformation processes, reflecting on the evolution of the discipline and its integration with extra-disciplinary approaches.

MODULE 2 – Systemic Design and critical tool design – May 15 and 18, 2024
The second module focuses on the connection between Service Design and system design in order to provide theoretical and design tools capable of analysing and designing complex service systems.

MODULE 3 – Speculative design approaches – May 22 and 25, 2024
The third module explores speculative design approaches useful for the interpretation and development of future scenarios, as well as for anticipating the needs and behaviours that characterize constantly evolving contexts and experiences.

MODULE 4Data-driven service experiences – May 29 and June 1, 2024
The fourth module explores the design of the digital component of service experiences, focusing in particular on data-driven service models and the interpretation of the same through the application of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence.

MODULE 5 – Sustainable services & impact assessment – June 5 and 8, 2024
The fifth module explores the theme of sustainability – social, environmental and economic – as a key aspect in the design of service systems and the assessment of the related impacts in the short, medium and long term.

It will be possible to further explore the course topics listed above during an three-day design experience, which will be held in person over a weekend. 

DESIGN JAM Applied service design for systemic change – June 13, 14 and 15, 2024

This module has been designed as an immersive experience aimed at experimenting the systemic and transformative Service Design approach in a practical way, through the application of the contents discussed in the previous modules to a real case.

Day 1 (3h) Exercise launch and scenario building

Day 2 (7h) Service system design

Day 3 (7h) Impact framework and final presentations

The design jam will take place in a suggestive location to experience three immersive days that have an experiential value in addition to the educational one.

Title Released

At the end of the Course, an open badge will be issued to the Course in “Service Design For Systemic Change” by



This course is intended for candidates with a high school diploma or degree in Design, Architecture or Engineering, as well as in non-polytechnic disciplines such as Economics, Communication Sciences or Social Sciences for which polytechnic disciplines can offer a significant contribution to previous professional training.

The training offered by this course is aimed at graduates and professionals interested in acquiring specific skills in the field of Service Design. The maximum number of participants is 30.

To access the selection phase, please fill out the application form at the following link

There are no pre-requisites for application

Deadline for the application: April 10, 2024.


Participation in the “Service Design for Systemic Change” course costs € 2.500,00 + VAT.
The course includes both the first part online and the in-person jam event.

It is possible to purchase the online course separately for a cost of € 1.550,00 + VAT.

It is not possible to pay for the Jam alone.

Discounts for the joint purchase of multiple courses in the Service Design and Innovation Cluster
In the event of a participant enrolling in multiple courses, the following benefits are available:

  • Purchase of 2 Courses: 15% discount to be applied to the participation fee of the least expensive course.
  • Purchase of 3 Courses: 15% discount to be applied to the participation fees of the two least expensive courses.

Discounts are valid only for concurrent, not subsequent, purchases.


The following fee reductions are also envisaged:

• 2 partial exemptions of 50% of the participation fee for the first two candidates who submit an application to enrol in the course. Payment must be made within 10 days of receiving notice of admission to the course, under penalty of forfeiture of the exemption. Valid only for those enrolling in one of the three courses included in the cluster;

• 15% reduction of the participation fee for 2023 and 2014 Architecta members. Valid only for those enrolling in one of the three courses included in the cluster, upon proof of enrolment;

• 15% reduction of the participation fee for members of associations for design professionals. Valid only for those enrolling in one of the three courses included in the cluster;

• 15% reduction of the participation fee for members of professional associations relating to the sector. Valid only for those enrolling in one of the three courses included in the cluster, upon proof of enrolment;

• 15% reduction of the participation fee for former students, students enrolled at the Politecnico di Milano and graduates from the Politecnico di Milano. Valid only for those enrolling in one of the three courses included in the cluster, subject to CV check.

If I have purchased a course 1 with the 50% discount or with the 15% discount (ie, member architecta, project professionals, professional order, alumni and polidesign and polimi students) and I decide later that I also want to attend the other two courses my package will be two courses where the course with the higher cost will be full fee while the course with the lower cost will be reduced by 15%.

For companies that enrol two or more employees in the full package, the cost will be:

  • € 2.500,00 + VAT for the first employee
  • € 2.300,00 + VAT for the second employee
  • € 2.000,00 + VAT for the third or subsequent employees.

For companies that enrol two or more employees in the online Course, the cost will be:

  • € 1.550,00 + VAT for the first employee
  • € 1.350,00 + VAT for the second employee
  • € 1.150,00 + VAT for the third or subsequent employees.

The fee reductions listed above are not cumulative. offers the community of Politecnico di Milano a 50% discount to be applied to the participation fee for a I and II level Specializing Master or Higher Education Course / Post Graduate Program / Continuing Education Course which manages and provides. The discount is for internal staff (i.e., structured teachers and technical and administrative staff) with active contracts at Politecnico di Milano and members of their household.


To benefit from the discount you will need to:

  • send the selection application to the chosen course with the relevant required documents;
  • successfully pass the selections;
  • send a copy of the applicant’s family status.


Current edition


Stefano Maffei Director
Francesca Foglieni Technical Director
Cristiana Moriconi Didactic Coordinator

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