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Course / VIII edition

Service Design for Business

2.300,00 €
5 May. 2022 - 28 May. 2022
  • Italian
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The economic activities that constitute the wealth of advanced countries have undergone a process of progressive transformation in recent decades, shifting their center of gravity from the production of material goods to the provision of services.

This sector is now characterized by a strong expansion in terms of the qualitative relationship between supply and demand, productivity, number of employees, diversification of skills that has as a consequence the emergence of new professionals able to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex and competitive context.

Many of the activities of an organization (whether private or public) are born and developed in terms of service, such as production processes, resource management, communication, logistics, distribution, as well as interactions with end users. To compete competitively, both companies and public administrations need to expand their design, organizational and executive skills related to services, which must respond quickly to changes and new needs of the target public.

Service Design operates exactly in this context by proposing an integrated and multidisciplinary design approach capable of generating innovative service solutions for organizations.

The short course in Service Design for Business was created to respond to the growing need to support the construction of specific skills able to help companies, organizations and public administrations to face complex service scenarios and to seize new challenges of growth and innovation.




Stefano Maffei Director
Beatrice Villari Co-Director
Raffaela Scognamiglio General Coordinator
Bryan Sabin Tutor



Attendance of 75% of the educational modules is required in order to obtain the attendance certificate.

Number of hours: 60

Daily/weekly commitment: Introduction to the course on Thursday, May 5. Commitment for 4 weeks for 2 days a week (Friday and Saturday) + 2 evening talks of 2 hours from 18.30 to 20.30 on dates to be defined.

Hours of the lessons: 7 hours, from 10 a.m to 6 p.m

Course venue: blended mode – ZOOM platform

Training objectives

The course aims to provide a system of general skills in Service Design able to support professionals in the design and development of services centered on users’ needs, thanks to the adoption of design thinking and a strategic innovation-driven approach.

During the curriculum, the tools necessary to design, develop and integrate a service in the organizational offer will be introduced and used, through practical-exercise activities focused on a theme defined by the course management and supported by theoretical-methodological contents.

The final objective of the course is to broaden the design and creative skills of participants, in order to enable their innovative and entrepreneurial capacity in a user-centered key.


Didactic Plan

The educational content will be structured in an introductory day and in 4 subsequent modules and will focus on the creation of a project work as a tool to test the contents learned in the classroom and apply the main tools of service design. Each module will introduce approaches and tools related to a specific phase of the service design process, from user research, concept generation, rapid prototyping, to the development of the service idea.

To complete the training offer, during the month of the course two talks will be organized by prominent figures of the service design community on emerging or controversial issues related to service design in the contemporary context.

Didactic Modules

The course follows an educational model that integrates methodological skills with both disciplinary and extra-disciplinary insights.

Instructional activities will follow the following structure:

INTRODUCTION – May 5, 2022

MODULE 1 – May 6 and 7, 2022
Service design basics and user research
The first module introduces participants to the service design and design thinking approach and to user research tools.
In addition, the module includes a short ethnographic research activity focused on the theme of project work.

MODULE 2 – May 13 and 14, 2022
Service design tools and concept generation
The second module focuses on the experimentation of the main tools of service design and design thinking necessary for the generation and development of service concepts and the realization of creative sessions.

MODULE 3 – 20 and 21 May 2022
Business Model Design
The third module explores the Business Model Canvas tool in order to support the definition of the value proposition, the business model and the feasibility of the identified solutions.

MODULE 4 – 27 and 28 May 2022
Rapid prototyping and development of the service idea
The fourth module explores the validation techniques of service concepts, through rapid prototyping tools of service experience and interactions. It will also address the service development phase that consists in detailing the service idea previously elaborated up to the final presentation of the results.

2 talks of 2 hours duration organized during the month of the course in the evening hours.

Title Released

At the end of the Course, an open badge will be issued to the Course in “Service Design for Business” by



The course is aimed at candidates with a high school diploma or degree in Design, Architecture or Engineering, or in non-polytechnical disciplines, such as Economics and Communication Sciences, for which the polytechnic disciplines can provide a significant integration to their previous professional preparation.

The course is aimed at graduates and professionals interested in obtaining specific skills in the field of Service Design.

To access the selection process you must fill out the application form at the following link:–service-design-for-business/ in the APPLY section.

There are no pre-requisites for access.

Deadline for the application: April 5, 2022.


Enrollment in the Course in “Service Design for Business” has a cost of € 2,300 + VAT (22%).

The following attendance benefits are also provided:

n. 2 partial exemptions of 50% to be applied on the participation fee to the Advanced Training Course in Service Design for Business year 2022 for the first two candidates who apply for the Course. Payment must be made within 10 days of receipt of the notice of eligibility for the course, otherwise the exemption will be forfeited;

15% reduction to be applied on the participation fee for Architecta 2021 and 2022 members;

15% reduction to be applied to the participation fee for members of one of the project’s professional associations;

15% reduction to be applied to the participation fee for members of a professional association related to the sector;

15% reduction to be applied on the participation fee for Former students, students enrolled at Politecnico di Milano and graduates at Politecnico di Milano;

– For companies enrolling two or more employees, the cost will be 2.300,00 Euros + VAT for the first employee, 2.000,00 Euros + VAT for the second employee and 1.800,00 Euros + VAT for the third and more employees.

Benefits cannot be combined.


Current edition


Stefano Maffei Director
Beatrice Villari Co-Director
Raffaela Scognamiglio General Coordinator
Bryan Sabin Tutor

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