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  • Business Design
Master / III edition

Brand Extension

Licensing Strategies: from Design to Business

The first nomad-master to enter as protagonists in the brand extension business with strategic marketing and design skills.

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17 Nov. 2021 - 31 Dec. 2022
  • Italian
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The Specializing Master examines the start-up and management variables of a Brand Extension project, analyzing the relationships with Licensing, Franchising and Merchandising activities, areas and activities with a common goal: to seek business growth. Privileged access to a network of excellence, meetings and discussions with successful entrepreneurs and managers.

The added value of the Master is also to train Brand Manager or Brand Extension Manager with a sensitivity to design and style and, at the same time, to provide designers with the managerial capacity to develop economically sustainable projects.

The teaching formula used is strongly oriented to the practical management of work thanks to workshops carried out in collaboration with important brands in which the newest strategies will be studied and designed.



Marco Turinetto Director
Patrizia Beltrami Vice Director


Pietro Lattao


Training objectives

The Specializing Master provides the tools to be able to express itself in the field of work, right away, at good professional levels. Students can study the synergistic roles that the marketing and creative sectors of the company perform in the implementation of the most suitable strategies to conceive new types of products and services. In particular, in the concept of Brand-Extension, we will discuss how the project develops, from strategy and organization, to the design and planning of goods to be placed on the market.

Didactic Plan

The didactic approach is innovative and interactive, as it deals with the themes dealt with in a synergic and transversal way, and correlates them with each other through a sort of “direction”.
The student will have the opportunity to link different subjects together, putting into practice the different areas of creativity with partner companies.
The training topics are addressed with modules of 3 or 5 days that follow one another in a logical process.

It starts with the Warm Up, a real warm-up where you listen to the testimonies of professionals and top managers to start having an overview of the reference world with testimonials from all over the world

In the following modules you enter the didactic part alternating theoretical lessons with business cases. The modules are:

  • Brand Extension
  • Legal Licensing
  • Strategy
  • Empowerment & Career
  • Trend Spotter
  • Thinking Design 1
  • Marketing
  • Pricing
  • Thinking Design 2
  • Digital
  • Business English
  • Communication

Traditional lessons alternate with case discussions, meetings with exponents of the business world, exercises and application work:

  • Company Visit: field activities to enhance the skills acquired in the field;
  • One Day Challenge: real projects commissioned by companies that must be presented on the day of the briefing;
  • Field Project: brand-extension projects commissioned by partner companies that take place for the entire duration of the Master, enriching the skills acquired during the training course.



The Specializing Master is aimed at:
Graduates, with a three-year or specialized degree, and Graduates from schools of design, engineering, architecture, economics and commerce, marketing and communication;
Graduates and graduates with professional experience of less than three years also in the field not specifically Licensing.
For admission purposes, the profile of candidates not attributable to these categories can be assessed by management.


To take part to the selection process, the application form must be completed online within the following deadlines:

  • for Italian / foreign citizens with a qualification obtained in Italy within October 2021;
  • for Extra U.E. citizens within September 2021.


The Specializing Master costs € 12.000 (€ 11,500 cost of the Master + € 500 of enrollment at the Politecnico di Milano) EXCEPT VAT ART. 10 of Presidential Decree 633/72.

For Politecnico di Milano students, the specializing master costs € 10.500 


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Marco Turinetto Director
Patrizia Beltrami Vice Director


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